Besøg verdens førende virksomhed inden for CO2 teknologi - Union Engineering A/S

CO2 er nyttig i mange produkter. Hør om virksomheden Union Engineering A/S og deres know how i forbindelse med produktion af CO2 og konstruktion af CO2 anlæg.


Tirsdag d. 15. marts 2016

Kl. 17:00 - 21:00

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Kl. 17.00            Velkommen og kort om os v. Kim Christian Dalum, CEO

Kl. 17.20            Vores kunder, markeder og muligheder v. Michael Mortensen, CCO

Kl. 17.40            Teknologierne omkring CO2 v. Jan Poulsen, Product & Technology Development Manager

Kl. 18.10            Projektafvikling v. Henrik Jensen, Engineering Manager og Peter Præstiin, Mechanical Engineering Manager                            

Kl. 18.30            Sandwich og sodavand  

Kl. 18.40            Case Carlsberg (ECO2Brew) v. Michael Mortensen

Kl. 19.00            Afgang til Carlsberg for at se et CO2 anlæg i drift

Kl. 20.00            Aftenens program slutter ved Carlsberg

Om Union Engineering:
Union Engineering is a world class engineering company, specialized in sustainable technologies for capturing, recovering and purification of carbon dioxide.

Our main activities are engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of modular and individually designed CO2 plants. With more than 1000 CO2 plants delivered throughout the last 30 years, installations in 110 countries and a wide range of unique patents we have become a trusted leader in the industry.

We provide exceptional services and advanced technical knowledge within all steps of a project, ensuring the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

Serving the world new ideas and new standards    

With a clear idea of the long-term challenges our world faces - from the need for more efficient production facilities to new levels of sustainable usage - we deliver CO2-solutions to a variety of industries around the world. This includes: 

•   Industrial gases

•   Chemicals and petrochemicals

•   Oil and gas, mining, cement,

•   Power and renewable energy

•   Breweries, soft drink, food and desalination industry

Our subsidiaries in Brazil, China, and USA and a global network of agents combined with onsite workshops makes it possible for us to give a focused approach adapted to customer needs - no matter where, no matter the industry.

Reliable solutions by dedicated people

Everything we do is based on knowledge, curiosity and a passion to do better. This work ethic has been with Union Engineering since the very beginning in 1933 and it has brought the company to where it is today.

On the back of more than 80 years of experience we have a history of questioning the status quo and of reliable solutions by dedicated people.



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Union Engineering A/S

Snarremosevej 27

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Tirsdag d. 15. marts 2016

Kl. 17:00 - 21:00


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