Biomass Combustion

Mandag d. 11. marts 2013

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Biomass Combustion

– Challenges in Fluid Bed and Grate-firing

The aim of this conference is to give an update on the status of operation and construction of such facilities in Denmark and at our Scandinavian neighbors with years of operating experience. In addition to have the opportunity to get a glimpse of what is underway to further technology improvements and construction of new facilities.


09.00 Registration
Welcome coffee


09.30 Types of biomass used in Denmark
Presentation of the biomass market and how the drivers influence the use of biomass in Denmark, herein also the quality demanded by the power plants. The logistical setup supporting the use will also be discussed, highlighting the differences between the types of biomass and the handling required.
Niels Bojer Jørgensen, DONG, Denmark


10.15 Coffee break


10.45 Fluid bed boilers – design and operational aspects
As the cost of fuels steadily increases, the search for more and more economical fuel alternatives is intensified. This demand for low cost fuels and fuel flexibility, combined with more strict emission limitations is reflected in selection of combustion technology. Metso Power has, based on several hundred supplies of BFB and CFB boilers, gained extensive experiences from FB boiler design, retrofitting and altering operational conditions. In this presentation the features of BFB and CFB technologies are reviewed, together with the influences from various fuel properties on design and boiler operation.
Jan Olofsson, Metso Power, Sweden


12.15 Lunch


13.15 Advanced CFB Technology for Large Scale Biomass Firing Power Plants
Circulating Fluidized Bed technology is an ideal technology to be used for large scale power generation with a broad variety of biomass fuels. The well-known benefits of CFB technology, such as the superior fuel flexibility, inherently low emissions and high availability can be fully utilized for this purpose. Today the biomass fired CFB technology offers a high efficiency boiler scale-up to 400MWe and fuel flexibility from clean biomass to RDF.
Teemu Nevalainen, Foster Wheeler, Finland


14.00 Vibration Grate for High Efficiency Biomass Boilers
DP CleanTech has been innovating and optimizing high efficiency boiler technology for almost 40 years. Today the company specializes in the design and manufacture of high temperature, high pressure biomass fired boilers. DP CleanTech’s unique technology boasts boiler efficiency rates over 92% making it one of the most advanced biomass related technologies in the world. The specially designed water cooled vibration grate ensures highly efficient fuel combustion, avoiding slag formation.
Marc Wolfgram, DP Cleantech, Denmark


14.45 Coffee break


15.15 Biomass Grate Combustion Technology in the segment 1-20MW. 
Weiss has developed, designed and delivered a large number of combustion plants primarily in Europe within a large variation of biomass. The concept is based on a grates technology which provides a large flexibility and reliability, as well as a flue gas cleaning and condensing concept which provides optimal efficiencies for the installations
Bjarne Skyum, Weiss, Denmark


16.00 The Dall Energy Furnace
The furnace combines updraft gasification and gas combustion. Hereby several advantages are achieved: The plant becomes simpler and cheaper, the emissions are reduced and the furnace can regulate between 20-100%.
Jens Dall Bentzen, Dall Energy, Denmark


16.45 Closing Remarks


17.00 General Assembly – IDA Energy


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Mandag d. 11. marts 2013

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