Copenhagen Hardware Alliance Meetup #3

CHINA! How can hardware entrepreneurs manufacture in China?

Tirsdag d. 29. maj 2018

Kl. 16:00 - 18:00




You are hereby invited to the third Copenhagen Hardware Meetup, this time focusing on CHINA and co-hosted by Innovation House China Denmark.

Get ready to learn more and exchange knowledge about how to produce in- and export hardware products to China.

We will start with info on the latest insights from China with relevance for the hardware startup community. It will be followed by demo workshops with feedback sessions from experienced hardware entrepreneurs from Denmark and Spain, who will share valuable insights on producing in China. At the end of the meetup we will share info and updates from the ecosystem after which there will be informal networking with a few snacks and drinks.

The seats are limited so make sure to sign up no later than May 25 and join experienced and inspiring people from the hardware industry.


16.00: Welcome
Intro by Innovation House China-Denmark and the Copenhagen Hardware Alliance
Latest insights from China by Karin Vith Ankerstjerne, General Manager at Innovation House China Denmark

16.20: Hardware demos and feedback session
Tomas Diez, Co-Founder of Fab Lab Barcelona & Fab City Research Laboratory Lead, presents Smart Citizen Kit
Rolf Østergaard, Founder and CEO at Team ZWATT & SENSITIVUS gauge, presents a bike power meter technology

17.15: Info and short announcements from service providers
On China Entry and Beijing Design Week
New initiatives from the Copenhagen Hardware Alliance
More TBC

17.30: Informal networking
Snacks and drinks on the house

18.00: See you next time!

Demo sessions by:

Tomas Diez is a Venezuelan Urbanist specialized in digital fabrication and its implications on the future cities and society. He has been manufacturing in Shenzhen with Seeed Studio, an open source manufacturer in China. Tomas is interested in exploring how we can move from products made in China, to distributed manufacturing, and move from China being a factory of products, to China being a factory of factories that enable the relocalisation of industry in cities!

Rolf Østergaard is is a hardware engineer and entrepreneur. He has build a few companies. Designed way more products over 25 years within maritime, mobile, aeronautic, space, telecom, medical and sports. He is co-founder of team ZWATT, and is currently working with developing a bike powermeter technology. Rolf has been experiencing some challenges in regards to manufacturing in China, and will share knowledge around key learnings from the East.

Organized by:

Innovation House China-Denmark: is part of a chain of incubators in Denmark, called the GrowthFactories with contacts to other business incubators all over Europe. Making it easier for enterprises to do business in China and Denmark, we accelerate growth in both countires, and the effort behind Innovation House China-Denmark is truly bilateral, with Danish partners from both the public and private sectors, as well as Chinese investors.

Copenhagen Hardware Alliance: Join us in creating a better community for hardware innovators in Denmark at the Hardware Alliance meetups! The goal of our meet-ups is to gather selected thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers in order to identify the best path towards a stronger hardware ecosystem in Denmark. We aim for better collaboration, transparency, networks, and community among hardware innovators, and we'll need your input and energy to make that happen. Powered by The Danish Design Center, IDA and DTU


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Innovation House China Denmark

Asia Hall, Indiakaj 16, 2100 Copenhagen


Tirsdag d. 29. maj 2018

Kl. 16:00 - 18:00


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