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What Happens During Cyber-Attacks on Safety-Critical Industries?
Selskabet for risikovurdering (RISK) har inviteret Professor Chris Johnson til at fortælle om Cyber-Attacks.
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Chris Johnson is Professor of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. His research helps to develop cost-effective techniques for risk management in safety and security-critical applications.  He is co-chair of the SESAR Scientific Advisory Board.  In 2010, he received the International Systems Safety Society's Award for research innovation.  In 2011, he worked with teams from both NASA and ESA on safety assessment techniques for the International Space Station.  He has worked with many European Air Navigation Service Providers; most recently providing advice on the cyber-security threats for air traffic infrastructures.  He has more than 200 peer reviewed publications and has held fellowships from both NASA and the US Air Force.

Chris Johnson will show the vulnerabilities to Cyber-Attacks that exist across safety-critical transportation infrastructures like Air Traffic Control.

Malware poses a growing threat to a host of safety-critical systems that depend on common software components, including the Linux operating system and the Internet Protocol (IP).

Threats include ‘mass market’ malware that is not deliberately aimed at safety-related systems. They also include more sophisticated techniques exploited by W32.Stuxnet, W32.Duqu, W32. Flame etc.

Previous work in this area has focused on the consequences of a cyber-attack under ‘optimal conditions’. Very little work has been done to identify more complex scenarios when malware exacerbates routine system failures that occur in all safety-critical applications. We show how Vulnerability and Violation (V2) diagrams can identify interactions between malware and degraded modes of operation.

The intention is not to accurately predict future modes of attack. In contrast, the aim is to create training scenarios that test the expertise and judgement of systems engineers, operators and managers.

The initial results from our work have revealed the underlying vulnerabilities that exist across safety-critical transportation infrastructures.


17.00-17.05  Opening/ Gert Sjösten
17.05-1750   Cyber-Attacks on Safety-Critical Industries/
                      Professor Chris Johnson
17.50-18.10  Break – Coffee/tea
18.10-19.00  Cyber-Attacks on Safety-Critical Industries/
                      Professor Chris Johnson
19.00-19.10  Break
19.10-19.30  Questions and discussion

Mødeleder:    Gert Sjösten - RISK.

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Torsdag d. 15. november 2012

Kl. 17:00 - 19:30


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