Driving IT

Technologies and strategies which are changing and will change the IT world in the next few years is the topic of ”Driving IT.

Fredag d. 14. november 2014

Kl. 09:00 - 17:00

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Technologies and strategies which are changing and will change the IT world in the next few years is the topic of ”Driving IT”: Open Source, Internet of Things, our virtual IT world, companies with exponential growth, sensor networks, privacy. Meet talented technologists, entrepreneurs, exhibitors – the IT winners of tomorrow. “Driving IT” takes place on 14 November 2014 at The Danish Society of Engineers.

More than 50 speakers.

With the Internet of Things, everything is connected to a grid which is already loaded with data on us and our behaviour. Data which, mind you, is read by authorities and other persons, who we in many cases neither know nor can control. Companies collect data, sensors and cameras register. How serious is the threat to our privacy and how serious should we consider it to be? What should we do as individuals and as a society? How should we shape privacy in the future?
Host on this track: Anders Kjærulff, radio host at Radio24/7

Among the speakers:
Simon Davies, London School of Economics / Privacy International
Birgitte Kofod Olsen
Martin von Haller Grønbech, Bird & Bird

Society in the “age of the internet" should of course offer its citizens and companies fast, flexible and simple solutions. It should be simple to do everyday tasks such as tax returns as well as complex things which involve the public sector. Transparent access to information and immediate solutions that are secure and dynamic. But who sets the bar? And how high? How little is too little and how much is too much? Danish and international examples of current and future public IT.

Host on this track: Grit Munk, The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA

Among the speakers:
Taavi Kotka, Making a virtual Estonia
Poul-Henning Kamp
Ejvind Jørgensen, Rambøll

Tech and start-ups
Computing powers and data capacity are growing tremendously and prices are falling. Now we are able to e.g. run databases on mobile units. Paradigms for both developers and their software change. Where are the fronts? What is important and exciting right now? This track will answer those questions. The track will also take a look at the start-up world, where we will see great cases of starting from scratch, with free tips and knowledge.

Host on this track: Zenia Francker, Founder's House & Maj B. Højring, The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA 

Among the speakers:
Brian Munkholm, Realm
Sune Lehmann, DTU Compute

Once upon a time… computers were the size of houses and users had terminals. Then there were PCs, and after that smartphones and tablets. Now, the computing powers and terminals are on their way in the shape of watches and glasses to change our lives through sensors and communication tools – and make new demands on the software developers. The same thing applies to the Internet of Things. This track takes a look at gadgets for fun and in earnest, and all kinds of trendsetting IT technology, ideas straight from the labs.

Host on this track: Rolf Ask Clausen, The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA 

Among the speakers:
Jakob Balslev, Rokoko Electrics
Carsten Munk (Warsaw, Poland) Jolla, open source smartphone
Anders Quitzau, IBM

Driving IT is for software and hardware developers, IT professionals, strategists, managers, students. Everyone with an interest in where IT is headed and what one should know.

Language: English with a few exceptions.
Registration fee: Members of IDA IT and partners DKK 250 and others DKK 500.

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Meet Jacob Applebaum
American computer security researcher and hacker Jacob Appelbaum is a core member of the TOR project, which creates anonymity online, and he has worked with both Wikileaks and Edward Snowden. Uniquely, you can experience him immediately after the end of the Driving IT at 18:00.
If you want to hear Jacob Appelbaum for free, then buy tickets to Driving IT 2014 and remember to sign up for Jacobs Appelbaums lecture here.


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Fredag d. 14. november 2014

Kl. 09:00 - 17:00


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