Ekstra PART ONE: defense – pitching and public speaking – IDA Young Scientists – the 2-3-2015

København V

Mandag d. 02. marts 2015

Kl. 13:00 - 16:00




The art of pitching – make your point stick, and touch your audience.In any kind of public speaking, you should remember your audience: It is what your audience needs to hear, and not what you want to tell. 

In this part of the course we work with different dramaturgic models to build your presentation (pitch) about yourself and your area of research. Whether the outcome is a ‘tweet’-long version, one for the elevator, or one taking five minutes, the preparation is the same. Passion is key, if not everything. We work with and train, rehearse and exercise your storytelling.

Later you are invited to another open session (part two) where you may bring your own pitch, and where we offer guidance and onsite rehearsal. 

The theme for part two will be: SELF DEFENSE (BATTLE AND COMBAT)
In the second part of the course we focus on the situation where you are met by others who for some reason engage in ‘combat’: They seem to doubt your credibility or question your story – what do you do?

Like in other kinds of self-defence the trick is to turn the opponents’ force against themselves. We shall train your ability to pitch or give a presentation without fearing comments, (unpleasant) questions or cpanriticism. Embrace it, and be stronger.

We focus on weaknesses and strengths in your pitches, and practice, by ‘battles’ (it is only friendly fire), how you will be having the upper hand.

The speaker: The speaker of the course is the founder of Cheche, Hans Ravnkjær Larsen. Check their website on:

Attendance fee: Participation is free of charge, but registration is necessary. There will be a no-show fee on 200 kr.

Provisions: IDA will provide sandwich and beverage.

Registration: Deadline for registration is the 20-2-20015. 

…and do bring friends!


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Mandag d. 02. marts 2015

Kl. 13:00 - 16:00


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