Electricity Markets and Optimization



Torsdag d. 27. november 2014

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Volatile electricity markets and optimization of flexibility

In this workshop we focus on electricity markets and the role of optimization and control in this context. This is addressed in two industrial presentations and two academic presentations:

Miguel Marroquin, who is Business Developer at the energy trading company Danske Commodities, will talk about dynamics optimization of production/consumption assets towards the electricity markets. Danske Commodities is currently commercially operating and optimizing both conventional and renewable production as well as industrial consumption assets.

Stefan Lynge Christensen, who is chief consultant at Rambøll Energy, will discuss potential and challenges of thermal power plants in volatile energy systems with high shares of wind. Rambøll is involved in several innovative projects dealing with optimization and control of power plants in electricity systems with a high penetration of renewable energy.

Sean Meyn, who is Professor at University of Florida, will reflect on the question of what it means that demand response is “working” and how to eliminate or minizmie the risk of violating the goals of either the balancing authority or the consumers. Sean Meyn is very active in the field of sustainable energy and electricity market design and has previously witnessed to the US Congress on similar topics.

Benjamin Biegel will present the conclusions of his PhD. The main focus is on utilizing optimization and control methods to enable flexible consumption/production assets to deliver services to transmission and distribution system operators. This talk will include results from a major demonstration where the electricity consumption from a number of households was regulated according to the system needs.

 The workshop will take place from 09.00 to 14.00 with breakfast from 8.30. After the workshop from 14.00 to 16.00, Benjamin Biegel will defend his PhD and from 16.00 there will be a small reception. Anyone is welcome to join. It is possible to stay for the whole day or just a part of the day.


08.30 - 09.00     Breakfast

09.00 - 09.05     Welcome

09.05 - 09.55     Dynamic Asset Management for Industrial Processes, Miguel Marroquin, Danske Commodities

09.55 - 10.45     Thermal Power Plant Capabilities in a Volatile Energy System, Stefan Lynge Christensen, Rambøll

10.45 - 11.10     Break

12.00 - 13.00     Demand-Side Flexibility for Reliable Ancillary Services in a Smart Grid: Eliminating Risk to Consumers and the Grid, Sean Meyn, University of Florida

13.00 - 13.50     PhD Lecture: Distributed Energy Resources in the Liberalized Electricity Markets, Benjamin Biegel,  AAU

13.50 - 14.00     Break


Workshop is officially over but anyone interested is welcome to stay for the defense

14.00 - 16.00     PhD defense, Benjamin Biegel

16.00 - 17.00   PhD Reception  

This Electricity Markets and Optimization workshop is arranged by Benjamin Biegel and hosted by Aalborg University.


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Utzon Center

Slotspladsen 4

9000 Aalborg

Obelske Auditorium


Torsdag d. 27. november 2014

Kl. 09:00 - 16:00


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