Global Summer Event - Focus on Africa

How to do business in Africa and synergize between African and Danish cultures? This is the theme of the summer event that will take place at Frilandsmuseet the open-air museum. Learn, discuss and network – and meet people who share your interests.

Kongens Lyngby

Torsdag d. 08. juni 2017

Kl. 15:30 - 21:30

Fra 100 kr.



Learn, discuss and network – and meet people who share your interests in business and development, enjoy good food, Malian music – and maybe a dance.

For those who can make it at 15:30, the event begins with a guided tour around the open-air museum (Frilandsmuseet, Kongevejen 100, 2800 Kongens Lyngby) with focus on Danish start-ups and the cooperative movement during the early part of the last century.

At 17:00, the evening programme will start with a contemporary focus on opportunities and challenges of starting up business in today’s Africa. This will include presentations, meeting and discussing with business entrepreneurs and advisers and others with a shared interest in the combination of business and development. There will be two presentations:

“Nordekon – Africa innovation network (AIN)” is the largest private network for Scandinavian interests in Africa. It organizes thematic seminars on relevant topics and interesting business cases. Members include companies from all sectors, educational institutions, funding institutions (IFU, EKF, The Trade Council, etc.) resident ambassadors, organisations, and various trade associations.

“Africa Start-up Ecosystem” is hosting digital events, boot camps, accelerators and start-up expos for the African region. It is a subsidiary of Global Start-up Ecosystem and accelerates 100 companies to market each year. Its 2-day online accelerator programme targets African entrepreneurs from 54 countries on the continent and across the global diaspora.

During the event, there will also be time to socialize over dinner, listening and maybe dancing to the Moussa Diallo Trio from Mali.

The event is jointly organized by IDA Process, IDA Global and IDA Global Development and is open to all who registers. If you have a colleague who is new to Denmark and/or share an interest in business and development – take the opportunity to invite and come with the person for this interesting and joyful event.

15:30 Welcome and tour around the open-air museum (Frilandsmuseet)
16:55 Ready for evening programme in the pavilion
17:00 Speaker 1: How to do business in Africa, Nordekon, Anders Frigaard/Charlotte Geckler
17:45 Speaker 2: Entrepreneurship and business development in Africa, Africa start-up Ecosystem, Kelvin Mulenga/Dexter Masase
18:30 Summer menu and network dinner
19:30 Music from Mali: The Moussa Diallo Trio
21:30 Bye for now

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Praktisk Info



Kongevejen 100

2800 Kongens Lyngby

Meeting place: ticket office @ 15:30 or Restaurant/Pavillion @ 16:55


Torsdag d. 08. juni 2017

Kl. 15:30 - 21:30


Studerende, ikke medlem af IDA

100 kr.


100 kr.

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07. juni 2017 - kl. 23:55

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