hi – Technology & Industry EXPO

More than 6,000 companies and approx. 16,500 professionals will be gathered, in a larger than 100.000 m² fair-center. Extend your networking and get inspired. Join our tour and get access to the latest news and newest engineering solutions!


Torsdag d. 24. september 2015

Kl. 08:15 - 15:30

Fra 30 kr.



hi Technology & Industry expo 2015 is Scandinavia's leading expo incorporating six branches such as:

• Automation • Tools, welding and production equipment • New energy technologies • Innovation • Supply • Logistics

Join in and experience a universe, where the technologies of the future is the hub. The keynote speakers from both home and aborad will speak about the technologies of the future within Technomania's five exciting thematic areas:

• Automation
• Robots - health technologies, welfare and drones
• New and advanced materials
• New energy technologies
• Innovation
• Space

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab offers open ”Hackathon”, where all visitors can develop new ideas and solutions. Furthermore, there will be Labs, where you can get hands-on experiences with new gadgets and technologies.


Participation and registration:

Register on this page and ensure your seat in the bus. IDA will make sure that you will be there in time for this great experience, while you just have to keep up with the large amount of news and amazing products.

The price includes a bread roll and a cup of coffe\tea which is to be served on the way, in the bus.

If you would like to take part of IDA's conferences at the fair, you need to sign up for each of them on the links bellow.

Notice: You registration on this page will only allow you to reserve a seat in the bus!

In order to have acces inside the fair area you need to print your acces card on the following link:



The list of the conferences that are being held in english can be consulted on the following links:


IDA's complete list of conferences (both danish and enligsh) can be consulted here:


There are limited seats therefore we will kindly ask you to be 100% sure when registering and cancel your registration imediately if something comes up. No-show fee will be applied otherwise. (50 kr.)

For more info and details you can read about the stands and participants here:


IDA is looking forward to seeing you there!



Praktisk Info


MCH Herning Kongrescenter!

Østergade 37

7400 Herning

The bus departs at 8.15 from VIA University College main entrance. Make sure you are there in time.


Torsdag d. 24. september 2015

Kl. 08:15 - 15:30


Deltager, ikke medlem af IDA

30 kr.

Studerende, ikke medlem af IDA

30 kr.


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30 kr.


30 kr.


22. september 2015 - kl. 14:00

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Horsens Afdeling, IDA Østjylland