Innovation and Change through Projects with a Global Perspective (Day 2)

Meet international capacities within project management and learn about the latest innovation.

Odense S

Fredag d. 25. oktober 2013

Kl. 09:00 - 15:30

Fra 150 kr.



  • Changes create projects and projects create changes. Changes are today the living conditions for all kind of organisations. How can we respond to the current waves of disruptive change in a way that connect us to the emerging future rather than repeating the patterns of the past, which are part of the problem and not the solution? 

    During the festival,  participants will be introduced to a theoretical basis from the MIT Professor, Otto Sharmer (Theory U and Leading from the Emerging Future) as well as getting insights on the practical implications for project managers faced with challenges for which there are no simple manuals to follow.

    Is our current holistic model for Project Excellence sufficient in a world of disruptive change and many unknowns ? What can we learn from the Chinese approach complementing the Project Excellence Model with a specific add-on for innovation?

    The festival of knowledge is an event where state of the art knowledge about project Management, Change Management and Innovation Management is presented and discussed  by academics and practitioners. The programme is designed for change makers from all sectors including business, government, civil society, academia and local communities may benefit from know-how about and experience exchange on how to foster change processes. It´s a two days seminar and workshop where you can sign up for one day or both two days.

    The organizers are ProjektForumFyn ( Society of Danish Engineers) in collaboration with 3L- Lens Living Lab and  Institute of Technology and Innovation, SDU.

    Target group: project – and Change managers from companies as well as public and private organisations, academics, students, who want news from the research frontline with a strong relation to praxis.

If you attend Day 1 as well ( ), pls send an e-mail to the coordinator Bente Hessellund Vedel  for a 100,00 DKK reduction in your fee.


BS: Brane Semolic, Professor Dr, University of Maribor, Director 3L Lense Living Lab

EM: Erik Monson, Director  Mindshift Consult, Frankfurt

PS: Peter Steyn, Professor Dr. Principal of Cranefield College, South Africa

RU: Rudolph Bolsius, Projekt Director, KPC Group Holland

SE: Sonja Elleman, Dr. Project Manager

KP: Klaus Pannenbaeker, Global advisor – Project Management, former president IPMA

RB: Rajat Baisya, Professor, Idian Institute of Technology, Delhi

TAN: Stoyan Tanev, Associated Professor(Dr), Institute of Technology and Innovation,SDU

LH: Leif Henriksen, Associate Professor, SDU, member of PFF

HP: Henrik Poulsen, Project Manager, Chairman of ProjectForumFyn PFF/IDA


Program (can be changed without further notice):

Day 2- Friday October 25th 2013:     (Moderator: Erik Monson )

9.00-9.15          Welcome and introduction to the program                                   EM

9.15-09.45        A Wide lense perspective of Innovation Management                TAN

09.45-10.15     Complex Projects, learnings and changes                                     RU

10.15-10.45     Coffee break

10.45-11.15     Innovation in Large Projects- A Case study in Indian Context     RB

11.15-12.00     Theory U – how to develop an organizational change culture.    EM

An introduction to the Theory U (Leading from the Future

as it Emerges) as a way to create new awareness by deeply

and sincerely engaging with all project stakeholders.


12.00-13.00     Lunch

13.00-15.00     Workshop, How to shift your minds for changes                         EM

where participants will explore one or a few selected topics from the Festival of Knowledge as a way to create new awareness and to establish new knowledge together in a way that it later could be shared with a larger audience in an article summarizing the outcome of the Festival.                                                                                                      

15.00-15.15      Summing up from the two days                                                     EM




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Dalum Landbrugsskole

Landbrugsvej 65

5260 Odense S


Fredag d. 25. oktober 2013

Kl. 09:00 - 15:30



150 kr.

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Deltager, ikke medlem af IDA

900 kr.

Ingeniør, ej medl. IDA

2.500 kr.


10. oktober 2013 - kl. 02:00

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