Monolithic Polymeric Supports....

Kongens Lyngby

Tirsdag d. 04. oktober 2011

Kl. 15:00 - 16:00




Professor Michael R. Buchmeiser
Institute of Polymer Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Monolithic polymeric supports are porous cross-linked polymeric materials consisting of one single piece of polymer constructed from interconnected microglobules of tailor made porosity. Depending on the final application, these microglobules can be non-porous or display meso- and even macroporosity. The void volume between the microglobules forms interconnected channels and can be tailored, too, thereby allowing for the construction of materials with a total porosity between 40 and 90 vol.-%. The synthesis of such monoliths is usually accomplished in a single synthetic step via a phase separation based polymerization process, which can be controlled by a subtle choice of solvents, by temperature and the degree of cross-linking.

While the synthesis of such monolithic supports has long been governed by free radical polymerization techniques, controlled polymerizations such as ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) have entered this field at a comparable late stage. Nevertheless, the living character of ROMP allows for the tailored construction of both small volume devices with diameters in the 50-200 ?m range, mostly for medical applications and for bioanalysis, and for the realization of large-volume devices with diameters in the 0.5 - 10 cm range, e.g., for heterogeneous catalysis.  Finally, large volume devices up to 5 L in volume are accessible via pulsed electron beam triggered free radical polymerization.

In terms of applications, the use of monolithic supports is no longer restricted to separation scienc but has also expanded into the areas of heterogeneous catalysis, biocatalysis and regenerative medicine. The common concept for all these applications is the idea to provide a highly porous but structurally integer supports that allows for a fast mass transfer between the polymeric matrix and the surrounding liquid.

This talk will provide a comprehensive overview over the state of the art in the synthesis of monolithic materials by controlled polymerization techniques, address the relevant synthetic issues and provide numerous examples of applications in the fields of bioanalysis, medicine, biocatalysis, heterogeneous (electro-) catalysis and tissue engineering.

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Tirsdag d. 04. oktober 2011

Kl. 15:00 - 16:00


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