On demand - Webinar: Are you busy with the right things? By Trine Kolding (recorded the 7-5-14)

Once again we have gotten a hold of Trine Kolding, who is one of IDAs favourite speakers. Experience Trine Kolding through a webinar from IDAs new studio at Kalvebod Brygge.

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Tirsdag d. 30. december 2014

Kl. 17:00 - 18:00

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Do you work in a busy environment and sometimes lose focus because of too many tasks, meetings and mails? Then start the new year with participating in IDAs effective webinar and get control of your priorities.


Since 2000, Trine Kolding has advised and taught thousands of managers and employees in personal efficiency and planning, and in this webinar she gives you specific tools to prioritise your time and tasks. At the same time, you get a long line of ideas and inspiration for how you can strengthen your prioritization and test the importance of each task.


The focus of the webinar:

·         Do you know the goal?

·         The priority matrix – a tool for prioritizing in a busy work environment

·         How to challenge the rush culture

·         Strategies for strengthening your prioritization and keep abreast of the tasks

·         Save a lot of time by testing the importance of the tasks


About Trine Kolding

Teacher, writer and lecturer with personal efficiency and planning as her areas of expertise. She has taught courses in personal efficiency and planning since 2000, the last 10 years through her own company and before then as i.a. project and team leader at the Danish Technological Institute.

Author of five books on efficiency.


Educational qualifications: Copenhagen Business School, Danish University of Education at Aarhus University , process consultant at RAMBØLL Attractor and certified coach.



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Tirsdag d. 30. december 2014

Kl. 17:00 - 18:00


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27. december 2014 - kl. 00:00

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