Pump & Valve Selection for Optimum System Performance (PD171)

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This course provides an understanding of pumps, valves and how they interact for optimum system performance. Additionally, participants will receive expert guidance in making cost-effective decisions and tips for avoiding poor system operation. Learn hydraulic theory as it applies to pumps and valves, as well as criteria for their selection.

This course offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the interaction of two major equipment items and their applications.

You will learn to:
- Pick the right pump and valves for your application
- Choose the most cost effective method to pump that problem liquid
- Select the correct valve for the system
- Decide the optimum speed for application
- Determine system head losses
- Apply pumps for series and parallel operation
- Reduce equipment costs by proper selection of pumps and valves in the system
- Stop potentially expensive system malfunctions by proper equipment selection
- Save energy dollars that are wasted on improperly selected valves and pumps

Who should attend:
This course would benefit applications engineers; industrial and public works engineers and managers; general and mechanical contractor project managers and estimators; systems designers; and operations and maintenance personnel. Operations & maintenance people with less formal but hands-on technical experience will also benefit.

Special Features:
Bring actual problems from your job experience. Problems will be answered in class or on an individual basis, depending on the complexity of the application.

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ASME Course Number: PD171

Language: English

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