Recent results in advanced aluminium surface engineering at DTU + added talk and lab tour

! UPDATED ! Visit DTU in Lyngby to learn about the latest results in advanced aluminium surface technology presented by Professor Rajan Ambat and Dr. Visweswara Chakravarthy Gudla + learn about PEO process. Sandwiches and refreshments served.

Onsdag d. 26. august 2015

Kl. 17:00 - 19:00

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We have addede a third talk on Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation. A visit to the laboratories is possible after the presentions have been concluded.

Conversion coating on Aluminium Alloys using hydro thermal steam based process

Professor Rajan Ambat, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, DK-2800

Chemical conversion coatings on aluminium is used for corrosion protection for various applications. Corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys especially with an overcoat such as painting  is heavily dependent on the composition and morphology of the conversion coating layer underneath. This talk focus on a novel process for enhancing the oxide growth on aluminium to be used as conversion coating layer using hydrothermal process based on high temperature steam. Use of such coatings as substitute for chrome conversion coating and stand-alone coatings for corrosion protection will also be elucidated with examples.


Optically Designed Anodised Aluminium Surfaces

Visweswara Chakravarthy Gudla, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, DK-2800

Anodising of Aluminium has been extensively applied for architectural, aerospace and indoor applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance, increased surface hardness and decorative appearance. Decorative anodising of aluminium results in formation of pores, which if required, are subsequently filled with organic or inorganic dyes to impart various colours to the surface. However, highly reflecting and glossy white anodised Aluminium surface has been a holy grail for surface finishers, designers and researchers for the last couple of decades. The reason for this being that the light scattering required for generating white appearance arises from pigments that are an order of magnitude larger than the pore diameters of anodised aluminium preventing conventional pore filling.
The work presented here deals with engineering the surface of Aluminium and understanding the effect of various process parameters. Various types of white anodised aluminium surfaces with high reflectance have been generated for the first time. The work has been carried out at Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, Struer, Danish Technological Institute, Århus, and is funded by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation under the project “Optically Designed Anodised Aluminium Surfaces (ODAAS)”.


Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) of aluminium and other light metal alloys

Mikkel Østergaard Hansen, Civ.Ing, IPU

PEO treatment of aluminium and other light metal alloys are used to produce components with enhanced surface properties such as i.e. high hardness, increased wear properties, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and bio-compatibility. As a part of the EU-funded AdEC-project (Advanced Low Friction Engine Coatings aiming to Develop and Demonstrate advanced low-friction coatings tailored for engine applications) IPU have developed PEO processes for aluminium and titanium forming wear resistant coatings with the possibility of integrating ZrO2 into the oxide matrix to increase hardness even further.

The presentation will focus on a short introduction to the general PEO process, examples of properties and applications, followed by a short laboratory demonstration. 



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Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Produktionstorvet Bygn.425 rum 101 Kgs. Lyngby 2800

Bygn. 425 Rum 101


Onsdag d. 26. august 2015

Kl. 17:00 - 19:00


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