Self-driving transport – on land, at sea and on rails / Selvstyrende transport: Til lands, til vands og på skinner

A number of car manufacturers and others, notably Google, are busy developing the self-driving car. If successful, a dramatic increase in utilization of cars will be possible.

Mandag d. 06. juni 2016

Kl. 12:30 - 16:30

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A number of car manufacturers and others, notably Google, are busy developing the self-driving car. If successful, a dramatic increase in utilization of cars will be possible, drivers will be relieved from routine driving, and increased traffic safety and general efficiency seem likely. Similarly, other forms of transportation undergo increasing degrees of automatization. In the rail sector, the driver’s active role is diminishing with the advent of new technology and more advanced signaling systems; and at sea, automatization developments and remotely operated cargo ships may make shipping, the advocates suggest, less expensive, safer and more environmentally friendly.

SimTrans and IDA-Risk have invited experts in development of automation in Road, Rail and Sea Transport to present and discuss perspectives and challenges in automated transportation. What are the perspectives for efficiency and safety, and what are the challenges in balancing the possibly conflicting risks and advantages? How are the associated risks assessed and controlled by industry and authorities, and how are those risks perceived by the public?

12.30 Sandwiches and networking   
13.00 Welcome - Nijs Jan Duijm, IDA-Risk 
13.10 Driverless cars - Thomas Bove, Volvo Car Corporation 
13.55 On-board automation and unmanned vessels - Iiro Lindborg, Rolls Royce Remote and Autonomous Solutions  
14.40 Coffee, tea & refreshments  
15.15 Automation on rail - Niels Henning Madsen, Signalling Programme S-bane at Siemens A/S 
16:00 Panel debate - Moderator: Peter Krogsgaard Sørensen 
16.30 End of seminar

Selvstyrende transport: Til lands, til vands og på skinner
Flere aktører eksperimenterer i disse år med selvkørende biler i håb om at frigøre føreren og øge trafiksikkerheden. Også andre transportformer oplever stigende grad af automatisering, især på jernbanen, hvor lokomotivførerens rolle reduceres kraftigt med ny teknologi og nye signalsystemer, men også inden for søfarten er der udvikling i gang for øget automatisering.
SimTrans og IDA-Risk inviterer i samarbejde med IDA Rail, til et fælles arrangement om perspektiverne i selvstyrende transport, forventninger om lavere omkostninger, smidigere afvikling og større komfort, såvel som bekymringer over nye risici. Kan den selvstyrende bil frigøre den eventuelle førers opmærksomhed og tid til andre opgaver, eller føreren reelt ude af stand til at gribe ind i kritiske situationer?

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Dagens oplægsholdere fortæller om erfaringer og perspektiver fra vejtrafik, søfart og jernbane. Arrangementet foregår på engelsk.

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Self-driving cars - Thomas Bove (UX Strategist at Volvo Car Corporation)
The automotive industry is at the threshold of several disruptions. One of the most significant game-changers is self-driving cars which may not only affect the automotive industry as such, but potentially the future of transportation. All the major automakers are investing heavily in the development of autonomous technologies and new players such as major tech giants are entering the competitive landscape. In the presentation we will take a look at some of the exciting short-term and long-term prospects as well as challenges of self-driving cars. Volvo is deeply committed to a human-centric approach to self-driving cars. Therefore, Volvo has set the target to be the first car manufacturer to put real users in self-driving cars on public roads. Volvo has also recently presented long-term concepts and visions about how to bring value to the customers through self-driving cars.

Bio: Thomas Bove is working for Volvo Cars in a multi-disciplinary satellite office in Copenhagen. His is a UX Strategist and his responsibility is to impact strategic business decisions and technological investments through a combination of strategic foresight and customer insights. He has in the past been working with consumer electronics as a user experience designer and concept developer for Bang & Olufsen and Nokia. He started out his carrier with Human Factors research with focus on human error in aviation and air traffic control.

Automation on rail - Niels Henning Madsen (Project Manager Siemens Mobility)
In 2009 the Danish government funded a complete refurbishment of the railway infrastructure on the mainlines and the Copenhagen S-bane.  Siemens won the S-bane project in 2011 and is now installing a Communication Base Train Control (CBTC) system on the S-bane in Copenhagen. The project includes an upgrade of the S-trains to semi-automatic operation with the option driverless operation. This presentation will take you through some of the challenges in going from a traditionally operation via a semi-automated operation to an ultimate driverless operation. The presentation will include a reflection upon the aspect of the transformation from a human factor perspective. Siemens has since the nineties delivered driverless system for New York, Nuremburg, Paris, Athens, Guangzhou, Beijing and Barcelona just to mention a few.

Bio: Niels Henning Madsen has been working for Siemens Mobility for the last 33 years. He is currently project manager for the S-bane project where a Communication Bases Train Control (CBTC) system is being installed on the Copenhagen S-bane. In the past he spend 3 years in Brunswick, Germany in s software development department for development of timetable systems, 4 years with product management of passenger information system, several years in sales and 3 years in Australia as project manager for a rail automation project which included conflict detection and resolution.

On-board automation and unmanned vessels
Iiro Lindborg (General Manager of Remote and Autonomous Operations, Roll Royce)
As systems onboard seagoing vessels are coming more and more complex they generate an information overflow for the system users causing unsafe conditions during operations. To address this challenge Rolls-Royce has created future concepts called operator experience concepts or oX for short. They introduce the future vision of user experience for different vessels and their bridges and also for unmanned solutions for safe and stressless operation. The presentation will present the details of innovation process used in creating the concepts, highlight the challenges of unmanned vessel control centre and show in more detail the end solutions in the concept.

Bio: Iiro Lindborg joined Rolls-Royce in 2005 and held various roles including Development Project Manager and Technical Product Manager, previous to his current role as General Manager of Remote and Autonomous Operations. Iiro holds a degree in ‘Automation and Electrical Engineering’ from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.  During his time at Rolls-Royce, Iiro has worked on the development of Propulsion, Steering Gear and Waterjet Control Solutions. He has also run the development of Future Bridge and Unmanned Vessel Remote Operations Center concepts. In his current role he leads the Remote and Autonomous Operations business of Rolls-Royce Marine.


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Mandag d. 06. juni 2016

Kl. 12:30 - 16:30



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