Streaming: The future is now!

Join us when we dive into the latest tech advances and get inspiration and insight from leading experts in streaming. They will tell us how they see the future and how it will change our way of consuming media content.


Tirsdag d. 26. juni 2018

Kl. 08:30 - 12:30

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Streaming has become an essential part of how an ever-increasing part of our population consumes media content for entertainment as well as news. Netflix has become one of the most disruptive companies in recent history, which is mainly due to advances in technology and telecommunication infrastructure.

This event will take a closer look at the recent and upcoming technology advances that is instrumental in supplying an increasing demand for picture quality as well as new and improved services and user interfaces.

We have assembled some of the leading streaming experts in Scandinavia to tell you about the newest tech advances in streaming and how they see the future.


08:30 Registration and coffee

09:00 Welcome
IDA Tele - Jesper Ringgaard Kjeldsen, Advisor, DR
Short introduction to the topic and of our presenters

09:15 Requirements for production/post-production
Anders Jørgensen, Senior Transcoding Specialist, Blockbuster/Yousee

  • Analysis and usertest of 4K/HDR and Atmos in controlled environments
  • Quality control of new source material (IMF, Prores4444)
  • Calibration of Consumer-TV
  • Optimal bitrates for HEVC ABR
  • Subjective quality and objective methods

10:00 Encoding – a war of religion– and shifting from a broadcast to a 100% IP-distribution strategy
Allan Hammershøj, Co-founder and COO, mediathand

  • Encoding technologies (H.264, HEVC, AV1, JVET, XVC)
  • Encoder "religion wars" (open source vs. commercial)
  • Format wars (immersive audio, VR, HDR etc.)
  • DVB and their and our work on DVB-TA, DVB M-ABR and DVB-I.
  • Mobile broadband as a broadcast standard (eMBMS, feMBMS, etc.)

10:45 Coffee

11:00 How to deliver the largest broadcast events on the Internet
Anders Näsman, Senior Solutions Engineer – Akamai

  • How a CDN works in general and for media delivery specifically
  • Real world examples of large events
  • Traffic patterns / trends
  • Challenges that effects the surrounding components to streaming (Web sites, payment systems, ADS)
  • New technologies for reaching mass audiences

11.45 How high-level architecture and distribution strategy could solve your business challenges in streaming
Kristian Waneck, Head of Development - Streaming services, DR

  • Business challenges as a Broadcaster
  • Public service streaming
  • Streaming delivery strategy

12:30 Thank you for participating, networking and sandwich

Free parking if you download parking permit (P-tilladelse 26.06.18-27.06.18.pdf print out and place in windshield) (available on this webpage below when registered)


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Tirsdag d. 26. juni 2018

Kl. 08:30 - 12:30


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