The missing link in product development – webinar

On-line Webinar: What is preventing the Danish industry from making big profit out of our innovative skills? A survey has revealed the weak link and show that we unfortunately are behind compared to our competitors.

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Tirsdag d. 16. juni 2015

Kl. 16:30 - 19:00

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From this session you will get qualified on how the industry can get the best out of its highly qualified engineers. This will be based on the more than 200 answers from the survey and on the experience coming from more than 100 assessment in product developing companies.

And even better! If you fill out the quich online survey before the event you will know where you organization is, compared to the average in audience (link to survey will be provided after sign up).

16:30  Welcome to IDA Proces`s interactive network meeting
16:45 Presentation and dialoque by Morten Korsaa, Whitebox
18:15 Wrap-up and network with a bite to eat

About Morten Korsaaa, Whitebox:
Morten works in Whitebox as adviser to senior management based on assessments and as a guide in change programs based on ImprovAbility. Several years ago Morten worked as a programmer in a bank where he read in an external memo that it had taken 30 times more effort to develop PC DOS 4 than the simultaneous MS DOS 3. He then decided to learn why some teams are 30 times more effective than others. The learning process has now been 25 years, and the road has brought Morten through the hottest methods and technologies, just to conclude that what works well in one place does not necessarily work well in another.

Morten prefer to obtain the big picture of a complex situation to avoid sub-optimisations and will entertain you with his knowledge about various standards and maturity models that he has come across. He has assessed 100+ development departments/projects with subsequent business risk analysis and SWOT analysis. It has given Morten a broad understanding of the industry and he will share his knowledge of what works where, and why, when implementing tools and practice.
Morten has been responsible for software process improvement in Nokia Mobile Phones across 16 development centres in nine countries, which has learned Morten about different approaches to process improvements internationally. Morten comes from an engineering education and have worked mainly in engineering companies and with large systems in the financial sector. Morten is often quoted in the Danish press about government IT projects, and is a frequent speaker at international conferences


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We hope you enjoy the webinar.


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Tirsdag d. 16. juni 2015

Kl. 16:30 - 19:00



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16. juni 2015 - kl. 15:30

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