UNYA Talks Engineering

Want to learn more about what engineering means within the UN? Where you fit into the UN system with your engineering background? How you can play a role in improving lives and helping those in need all over the world?

IDA Mødecenter, København V

Onsdag d. 23. november 2016

Kl. 18:00 - 21:00

25 kr.



Then come to UNYA Talks Engineering (in collaboration with IDA Young Professionals) on November 23rd 2016 at 18:00-21:00 at IDA in Copenhagen.

”UNYA Talks” is an expert talk series focusing on the work of the United Nations within specific areas of expertise. The aim is to educate young students on the United Nations connection to their areas of studies and inspire them to use their education to help those in need. The nature of the United Nations allows for and encourages young professionals from all backgrounds to engage in the global community and support international development.

UNYA Talks Engineering will be specifically focused on the work of the United Nations in relation to engineering, ranging from environmental engineering projects to national and regional infrastructure systems. Through expert talks by United Nations experts within engineering, representing their respective organisations, this UNYA Talks seeks to inspire young people to see the opportunities of their area of expertise in relation to international development and humanitarian work.


18:00: Arrival
18:05: Intro to event
18:15: 1st speaker
18:45: 1st speaker Q/A
19:00: PAUSE
19:15: 2nd speaker
19:45: 2nd speaker Q/A
20:00: PAUSE
20:15: 3rd speaker
20:45: 3rd speaker Q/A
21:00: Event ends

- Ivan Nygaard, Senior Researcher, UNEP-DTU
- UNOPS (tbd)
- Sarah Maria Bech Johansen, Board Member IUG (Engineers Without Borders)

Tickets: 25 DKK
Tickets pays for
- Talks with engineers who are doing actual work at the UN
- 1x dinner for each participant (pizza/sandwich, etc.)
- Coffee, tea and water

Tickets can be bought through IDA here:


For the price of 25kr.- (normal price 100kr.-)

  • Talks with engineers who are doing actual work at FN
  • 1x dinner for each participant (pizza, sandwich, etc.)
  • Coffee, tea and water

Feel free to write us at davidoravn@gmail.com

/ Best regards

David O. Ravn, Boardmember at IDA YP
Sofie Terp Clausen, Chairman at UNYA

Please note that due to construction work at Ingeniørhuset, parking spaces are limited!


Praktisk Info


IDA Mødecenter

Kalvebod Brygge 31-33

1780 København V


Onsdag d. 23. november 2016

Kl. 18:00 - 21:00


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25 kr.

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25 kr.

IDA Engineering Club

25 kr.


25 kr.


Onsdag d. 23. november 2016

Kl. 15:00

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