14th Danish Conference on Biotechnology: Therapeutic Proteins

Danish Biotechnological Society and IDA Biotechnology presents the 14th edition of the Danish Conference on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology with this year's main theme being Therapeutic Proteins

Hotel Munkebjerg, Vejle

Fra tirsdag d. 28. maj 2019. kl. 08:00

Til onsdag d. 29. maj 2019. kl. 16:00

Fra 1.800 kr.


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The field of therapeutic proteins has been expanding for several years and is more relevant than ever. The huge clinical success of many of these proteins and the large potential of the treatments being developed, requires scientists of diverse backgrounds with many different competences to solve some of the most pressing questions. The potential is reflected in a therapeutic protein market that accounts for more than $100 billion and is estimated to triple in the next 10 years.

The 14th Danish Conference on Biotechnology and Biomedicine will focus on some of the most interesting topics within Therapeutic Proteins and highlight some of the cutting edge research.

The conference will include sessions on:

  • Immuno-oncology
  • Therapeutic antibodies
  • Peptides and Hormones
  • Cell Line Engineering and Protein Production Systems
  • Protein Engineering and Computational Protein Design
  • Post-Translational and Chemical Modifications of Therapeutic Proteins

As well as a session on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The conference will feature a poster sessions where students and young researchers can display their research and winners of the poster competition will be able to present their research on the main stage. Please indicate whether you are bringing a poster. You will after registration deadline be invited to submit your abstract.

The prize of participation in conference includes accomodation and all meals.

Please note: If you are a Ph.D student, please send an E-mail to Linette Andreasen,, with information about your place of study and if you will be bringing a poster. You will then be registered manually as the student price mentioned on this page requires that you are registered as a student in IDA's membership database.

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Hotel Munkebjerg

Munkebjergvej 125

7100 Vejle


Fra tirsdag d. 28. maj 2019. kl. 08:00

Til onsdag d. 29. maj 2019. kl. 16:00


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1.800 kr.

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Fredag d. 24. maj 2019

Kl. 09:00

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