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Data Driven - Know Your Customer. Everyone talks about data as being the new oil, a valuable driver and asset for future corporate growth and innovation. But how does a company become data driven - what culture, organisation and tech are needed?

Webinar - In front of your own computer / tablet / phone

Torsdag d. 14. november 2019

Kl. 09:00 - 12:30



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Who should attend:

If you are charged with making your company data driven, you need to attend this event. For those in the Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, Data Manager role.

The core principal behind Data Talks is to hear from those companies that are already at the point where every other company wants to be and to tell the story of what it looks like, how to get there and is it all worth it?

What to expect:

  • Great Speakers: Hear from speakers that are not just speculating about data, but have been to the end and are coming back to share their story.
  • Great Insights: With a focus on the Enterprise, you will be given direct insights on how to become data driven, what you need to do to get there, and what does it look like when you are data driven?


09:00 - Welcome to Data Talks, by Tina Ryoon Andersen, IDa
09:10 - Status of the data year, by Timothy Ward, CEO at CluedIn
09:40 - K(why)C? - What readily available data can do, by Sune
Gabelgård, Head of Digital Fraud, Intelligence & Research at Nets
10:10 - Fraud detection in the Danish Business Authority, by Carsten Ingerslev, Head
of Advanced Analytics, Smart Analytics, Smart Analytics, Smart Government and Virk.dk at the Danish Business Authority
10:40 - Coffe Break
11:00 - KYC-Providing content and personalization with AI/ML,
by Martin Vikkelsø Senior Engineer at Sitcore
11:30 - KYC - Building the Capability, by Kaare Brandt Petersen, Head of Learning Analytics at Laerdal
12:00 - Banks Joining forces on KYC, by Rob De Ridder, Board Member at Nordic KYC Utility, Danske Bank

The event is free, however we will be charging a 200kr invoice for those that register but do not attend.

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Webinar - In front of your own computer / tablet / phone

Participate via own pc/tablet/phone


Torsdag d. 14. november 2019

Kl. 09:00 - 12:30


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Torsdag d. 14. november 2019

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