Focus on your inner leader: The New Kind of Leadership (1/4)

Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

Onsdag d. 30. september 2020

Kl. 17:00 - 20:00

Fra 50 kr.

This is a series of 4 workshops focusing on the leader within or self-leadership. The workshops can be taken as a series (for more benefits) or as single ones. These are personal development workshops, whose benefits can be applied in business or personal life.

Self-leadership is a lot about taking ownership and charge of your life; it is about getting to know yourself deeper; know what you stand for; know what you want; know your boundaries; what triggers and sabotages you so that you can better manage those voices inside you; making choices and decisions that are in line with what you believe in and what is important for you. Self-leadership is about authenticity; integrity; vulnerability; it is always a journey of discovery and exploration. Life does happen constantly, and self-leadership means coming continuously from a place of curiosity, courage, compassion, appreciation, cooperation, love, presence towards ourselves and others for the sake of becoming more joyful and living a full live with all life has to offer.

All the workshops are experiential and interactive with the focus on your learning and growth. 

The workshops will be hold in English. 

Trainer Bio:

Migena Gjerazi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Leadership Coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute; Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation.

Migena has delivered workshops in leadership and personal development to leaders and professionals worldwide. She is passionate about supporting young professionals thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply, living more fully and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives. 

Her professional background is in Finance, Administration and Human Resources (MBA). 

Workshop 1: The new kind of leadership

What do you bring to the table that will make others recognize you as a leader?

Leadership is not about your title, experience or power. Your ability to lead others goes beyond your ability to manage others. To lead is to be of service, to act with integrity, to invoke trust and to hold a vision. To lead you must be worth following.

Together, we will identify which qualities make you a great leader, where are you naturally skilled and great at and which areas would you like to improve.

We will go deeper into identifying which specific behaviors you must adopt to “walk the talk” and act in line with your leadership values.

Last, but not least, you will come out of this workshop with a very clear understanding of what makes a great leader and with a unique agreement with yourself that will help you be and stay worth following. 

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Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

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Onsdag d. 30. september 2020

Kl. 17:00 - 20:00



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