Focus on your Leader Within - Co-active leadership model

When you meet challenges in life, you are in charge of making the right decisions. Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and lead according to your values!

IDA Mødecenter, København V

Torsdag d. 07. marts 2019

Kl. 17:30 - 19:30

Fra 60 kr.


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We are all leaders – leaders of our own lives. Whatever life throws at us, you can take responsibility for yourself and the world. How do you create what you know to be best? How can you be the one in charge?

In this series of workshops from March 7th - April 17th, you are invited to learn ideas and try practical exercises on how to connect to your Leader Within. Pick the topics you find most interesting or join all of them to get the best insight!

Workshops are designed to be stand-alones and each workshop will have its sign-up page. A full overview is provided further down on this page.

The workshops aim at enabling you to:

⦁ Clarify and lead according to your values
⦁ Experience the impact of full self-acceptance
⦁ Understand paths to overcome self-limiting beliefs and what sabotages you
⦁ Connect to the Leader Within

Overview of programme:

Language: English

March 7th: Co-active leadership model/values

⦁ Five different ways to lead
⦁ Shifting roles based on needs of the moment
⦁ Clarifying values (explanation and exercises)

Sign-up: The page you are on

March 21st: Figure out your saboteurs

⦁ Explanation of 10 types of Saboteurs
⦁ Figure out your own and what can you do to weaken them

Sign-up: HERE

April 4th: Connecting with your Inner Leader

⦁ How do you connect with the Leader within?
⦁ Visualization and exercise session for connecting

Sign-up: HERE

April 17th: Attitude/Intentions/Body-mind connection

⦁ Figuring out what attitude you go into things with and what do you signal with your body language.
⦁ How to use your body as a source of information for your dilemmas.
⦁ Small exercises on how to be mindful throughout the day

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Speaker bio: Migena Gjerazi, MBA

Migena Gjerazi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by the Coaches Training Institute and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation.

Migena has delivered workshops in leadership and self-development to leaders and professionals in Holland, Denmark and throughout Europe. She is passionate about supporting young professionals thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply, living more fully and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives.
Her professional background is in Finance, Administration and Human Resources (MBA).

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IDA Mødecenter

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Torsdag d. 07. marts 2019

Kl. 17:30 - 19:30



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