IDA Challenge: Climate & Green Growth with Digital Innovation

The climate and care for the environment is on top of our Danish agenda. As one of the most ressource demanding countries (measured by inhabitants), we do hold a responsibility to reduce the negative effect that we have on the climate.

SDU - Kolding, Kolding

Onsdag d. 28. oktober 2020

Kl. 16:00 - 20:30


Tilmeldingsfrist 26. oktober 2020 - kl. 23:55

This IDA challenge is held together with Vejle Kommune and their unit ‘AffaldGenbrug’. Anette Preiss who is working as a business developer will talk about how AffaldGenbrug work with innovation and how digitalization is becoming increasingly important when they are coming up with new solutions. 

Anette will also present 3 challenges for you to work with at the event to put your digital competencies into play:

- How can we do garbage and its reuse more visible for the citizens?

- How can we show the individual how their habits on garbage and reuse affect the climate?

- How can we use digital solutions to give citizens a better experience when they are dealing with garbage?

We hope that you will join this IDA Challenge and put your competencies into play - and try to be innovative in an area that really matters.

PS. We will provide you with a sandwich


SDU - Kolding

Universitetsparken 1

6000 Kolding


Onsdag d. 28. oktober 2020

Kl. 16:00 - 20:30


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Mandag d. 26. oktober 2020

Kl. 23:55

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