Klatreparken Aalborg - A day in the trees

Join IDA at klatreparken Aalborg where you'll be conquering different obstacles and courses in everything from 2 - 20 meter high trees. Before climbing you'll be served a sandwich

Klatreparken Aalborg, Aalborg

Lørdag d. 03. oktober 2020

Kl. 11:15 - 17:00

Fra 200 kr.

Tilmeldingsfrist 28. september 2020 - kl. 23:55

Join us for a day in the trees at klatreparken Aalborg. The event is relevant for everyone with an inner child since you can go try obstacle courses in heights between 2 and 20 meters. Before we start at 12:00 we'll meet at 11.15 to have a sandwich and hopefully enjoy the weather and take a look at the courses. Anyone can show up for free to watch, but if you want a sandwich and acces to the obstacles you'll have to signup for the event.

After eating we'll have an introduction course on how to use the harnesses and afterwards take it to the trees. There is no time limit on how much time you can spend in the tree (besides closing times), so enjoy yourself for as long as you would like and leave when you want to.

When and where?
The location is klatreparken Aalborg at the 3rd of october 11.15. Look for a guy in an IDA t-shirt to locate the group.

If you have any allergies or preferences pls write a mail to Christopher on mail:
If you don't it your allergies or preferences won't be considered

Please show your ticket in the Hello Fellow app, when you arrive at the event.

Regarding questions you can write to Christopher on or phone: 40 47 67 93

In case of nowshow a fee of 290kr will be charged. Deregistering is to be done on In case of urgent illness or other urgent matters you can deregister for the event by writing to christopher on mail


Klatreparken Aalborg

Faunavej 7

9000 Aalborg


Lørdag d. 03. oktober 2020

Kl. 11:15 - 17:00



200 kr.


250 kr.


250 kr.


Mandag d. 28. september 2020

Kl. 23:55

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