Mindfulness - in english

The benefits of mindfulness is now offered to IDA's members in English. Have trouble sleeping? Racing thoughts? Stress? Mindfulness gives you the tools to ease theese and a lot more. A collaboration between Cross Culture and Kompetenceforum IDA Nord.

IDA Aalborg, Aalborg

Torsdag d. 18. marts 2021

Kl. 17:00 - 20:30

Fra 100 kr.

Tilmeldingsfrist 29. september 2020 - kl. 23:55

This talk/workshop gives an in-depth insight into the universe of mindfulness. The talk/workshop emphasizes a practical approach to mindfulness. What is the background of mindfulness and what can modern science tell us about the benefits from mindfulness in a modern context?

We are in a self-imposed situation of information overload, tons of tasks, deadlines and demands. Participants will learn how mindfulness helps with 1. Stress Management 2. Focus Management and 3. Emotion Management. Three important elements to thrive both privately and at work.


  • Understand how yo can manage stress, focus and emotions with mindfulness
  • Understand how you become the master of your own mind
  • Learn how to systematize breaks with mindfulness
  • Understand and train the 7 essential attitudes in mindfulness
  • Train the 7 mindfulness activities for a happy and effective work and life
  • Hear why science tell that you become happier by practicing mindfulness
  • Try concrete exercises and techniques during the course

All participants get a free copy of the ebook "7 Minutes to Mindfulness"

For whome: For all IDA's members with an interest in personal development, who are curious knowing what mindfulness is and what it can do to limit stress, improve mental resilience, strengthen focus and increase personal energy.

Lecturer: Bjarne Nybo chief trainer at CFMM. Certified meditation instructor from The Chopra Center, USA, EQi-coach from MHS in Canada and NLP-coach from Nørby.

Catering: There are served drinks and sandwich

Practical information: If not at least 20 participants in the end of March, then the workshop is cancelled.


IDA Aalborg

Vestre Havnepromenade 9, 3. sal

9000 Aalborg



Torsdag d. 18. marts 2021

Kl. 17:00 - 20:30



100 kr.


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Tirsdag d. 29. september 2020

Kl. 23:55

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300 kr.

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