SSC17 - 17th Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics - Online

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Fra mandag d. 06. september 2021. kl. 12:00

Til torsdag d. 09. september 2021. kl. 13:00

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Tilmeldingsfrist 06. september 2021 - kl. 00:00

The first Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics was held in 1989 in Lappeenranta, Finland. The 16th (SSC16) was successfully held in Oslo, Norway in 2019. Denmark is now the host of the 17th Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics (SSC17) held in the Nordic countries.

The symposium will, of course, have a strong scientific focus and the programme will include contributed lectures, poster presentations and a vendor exhibition. The symposium invites speakers from adjacent scientific areas as well as young scientists to present their research.

The meeting is an ideal forum for networking and various activities will be arranged to facilitate this.

More information at https://ssc17.org

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Webinar - In front of your pc/tablet/phone

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Fra mandag d. 06. september 2021. kl. 12:00

Til torsdag d. 09. september 2021. kl. 13:00


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Mandag d. 06. september 2021

Kl. 00:00

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