Technomania: How smart devices will pay in the future

As smart cities continue to become connected your devices will be able perform services for others while you are not using them. But how will they pay you and each other? ARYZE CEO and Berlingske Talent 100 Jack Nikogosian will share his futuristic vision

Messecenter Herning, Herning

Onsdag d. 02. oktober 2019

Kl. 14:00 - 14:50



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Get an insight to the future as Jack Nikogosian shares his futuristic visions. Perhaps the most charismatic tech speaker in Denmark with the ability to come up with examples that everyone can relate to. No matter how much you know about blockchain, crypto, tokens and payment providers you will be enlightened and entertained.

With blockchain technology emerging we could be in for an industrial revolution. The price of Bitcoin brought awareness to the masses regarding cryptocurrencies and now media is covering Facebook’s proposed Libra stablecoin. Banks are under pressure and the next 50 years could see the end of notes and coins. Instead we will see digital payments and this is where tokenization and blockchain will come into play as robots, vehicles and smart devices will be able to interact together and will need a way of paying each other.

Jack Nikogosian is an award winning Danish blockchain expert with a vast knowledge of the cryptocurrency space and regularly features in publications. In 2015 he became internationally known as Bitcoin Jack after paying solely with Bitcoin for an entire month. With a great insight in terms of trends within cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, digital payments and tokenization Jack has the unique skill of being able to combine new technologies and to be able to explain them to all levels of technical understanding. Professionally, he has worked with major players in the Danish crypto/payments arena. With a vision of making payments faster, cheaper and smarter he founded the fintech company ARYZE in 2017.

ARYZE creates Digital Cash to make payments cheaper, faster and smarter. Seeking to be inclusive, transparent and community based ARYZE has been awarded Best New Danish Startup at Copenhagen Fintech Week 2018 and won 'Best FinTech Startup' at Venture Cup 2018 - Denmark's Largest National Startup Competition. In 2019 it won the People's Choice Award at SDG Tech Awards.

Obs! About Technomania:
Technomania is part of the bi-annual trade show, hi Expo, in Herning.
To participate in Technomania, you must register for the hi Expo. Tickets are free.

You get your free ticket directly at the hi Expo website.

Technomania is the place where IDA show top-level Danish technology, both in traditional and untraditional ways. At the event we focus on themes such as future technologies, Industry 4.0 and digitalization, and this year sustainability will be a theme as well. Basically, Technomania takes over one big hall in the middle of the hi Expo, and we fill it up with all the latest technology, 4 stages, start-ups, demo labs, games and a lot of other fun events.

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Messecenter Herning

Vardevej 1

7400 Herning

Hal F - Future Stage


Onsdag d. 02. oktober 2019

Kl. 14:00 - 14:50


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Onsdag d. 02. oktober 2019

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