Technomania: IBM Q — Introduction to Quantum Computing With Demo

Jan Lillelund, IBM: Learn what a Quantum Computer is, and how to program it without having to be a Quantum Physicist!

Messecenter Herning, Herning

Onsdag d. 02. oktober 2019

Kl. 14:00 - 14:50



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IBM has developed a commercial quantum computer called IBM Q. For the first time this enables IBM to directly service potential customers in this field e.g. High Performance Computing groups or industrial Research & Development departments. Access to an IBM Q quantum computer is enabled via the IBM Quantum Experience, accessible through the IBM Cloud.

The great advantage of a universal quantum computer is based on quantum mechanical effects, e.g. superposition, entanglement, and teleportation. Using these effects in smart ways certain algorithms can be boosted beyond classical computing limits. But controlling and measuring qubits in large scales turns out to be a great challenge. In my talk I will point out the fundamental differences between a classical computer and a quantum computer. I will also show how the IBM Q quantum computer works, what potential pitfalls there are for scaling quantum systems and what the roadmap towards larger systems looks like. There will also be a demo, where it will be demonstrated how to program a simple quantum algorithm and execute it on an IBM Q System One.

Jan Lillelund is CTO at IBM and an executive technical leader in application and platform innovation with a special focus on emerging and complex technologies. He has more than 35 years of experience with technical architecture on various assignments in a number of industries. He has a strong focus on innovation and leverages his extensive network and wide knowledge in developing solutions for his customers. He is a hands-on technologist used to working on the business level as well as implementing advanced and emerging technology successfully. Jan draws from an experience with a large number of complex and often international projects within infrastructure and applications, covering almost all aspects of IT solutions.

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Messecenter Herning

Vardevej 1

7400 Herning

Hal F - Tech Talk Stage


Onsdag d. 02. oktober 2019

Kl. 14:00 - 14:50


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