The Competent Project Manager - Part 1

This session covers the topic “The strong bond between steering committee and project manager”.

MBK's mødelokaler, København K

Tirsdag d. 27. oktober 2020

Kl. 17:00 - 20:00

Fra 0 kr.

Tilmeldingsfrist 20. oktober 2020 - kl. 23:55

Part 1: The strong bond between steering committee and project manager

This class inspires you to create more value from the project by strengthening the collaboration between the steering committee and the project manager. Efficiency in the collaboration will make the project proceed smoothly and the steering committee will focus on the right things – the issues that create the most value for the project. We have to avoid the common situation that the important top-level perspective on the project - and thus the ongoing adjustments to the strategic agenda and context - gets lost in a narrow focus on status reports and checklists.

Participating in this afternoon class you will get:

  • Inspiration to design the efficient steering committee meeting
  • Input on getting the decisions needed
  • A tool to align expectations on roles and responsibility for project manager and members of the steering committee
  • A tool to create the dialogue that clarifies the level of involvement needed from the steering committee and the value it should create in the project

This class is for project managers, members of steering committees and other leader in organisations working with projects.

Next events in the series:

Part 2: Creating a feedback culture (Wednesday 4th Nov. @ 17-20)

Part 3: TEAMING in order to get better results (Tuesday 10th Nov. @ 17-20)

About the lecturer:

Anne Mette Skovsen from Modus+ has for 15 years helped project managers, leaders and organisations creating value through projects. Anne Mette is focused on simple tools and methods that helps to reduce complexity in worklife and projects. It is in everyday life, changes have to be dealt with as being busy makes it difficult to change old habits and implement the ongoing improvements we aim for.

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MBK's mødelokaler

Pilestræde 61

1112 København K


Tirsdag d. 27. oktober 2020

Kl. 17:00 - 20:00



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Tirsdag d. 20. oktober 2020

Kl. 23:55

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