The Competent Project Manager - Part 2

This session covers the topic "Feedback culture as a means to develop the team and individuals".

MBK's mødelokaler, København K

Onsdag d. 04. november 2020

Kl. 17:00 - 20:00

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Part 2: Feedback culture as a means to develop the team and individuals

It sounds so easy to use feedback as a source for ongoing development, but you have probably realized that is it quite hard to apply. One of the reasons why is that the organisational culture stands in the way. In this class you will get input to understand the barriers for bringing the good intentions to life. And you will be inspired to create a culture in and around your project/team where feedback is considered an important part of your collaboration – giving better results, collaboration and psychological safety.

Participating in this afternoon class you will get:

  • Methods that will inspire you to understand the culture, you are a part of
  • Ideas on how to introduce feedback as a part of your routine in the team
  • A chance to identify and create feedback-moments in a way that invites learning and ongoing development of individual behaviour

This class is for project managers, team leaders and everyone who want to help people develop and grow.

Next event in the series:

Part 3: TEAMING in order to get better results (Tuesday 10th Nov. @ 17-20)

About the lecturer:

Anne Mette Skovsen from Modus+ has for 15 years helped project managers, leaders and organisations creating value through projects. Anne Mette is focused on simple tools and methods that helps to reduce complexity in worklife and projects. It is in everyday life, changes have to be dealt with as being busy makes it difficult to change old habits and implement the ongoing improvements we aim for.

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MBK's mødelokaler

Pilestræde 61

1112 København K


Onsdag d. 04. november 2020

Kl. 17:00 - 20:00



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