Talerne 1. December

December 1st we're focusing on the Green Mobility revolution, primarily driven by China's electric cars and autonomous self-driving trucks that soon will be revolutionizing the global logistics industry. Join us at DTS, at the IDA Hall, at 11.25

We're live from China, where the rapid changing technological developments can be felt even here in Europe. We'll be focusing on the green mobility revolution in China and have a closer look on the future of electric cars and lithium batteries. Mathias Boyer will explain how the global logistics industry is about to be disrupted when self driving cars and trucks are hitting the highways, which will also lead to far less CO2 emissions.

Peter Lisbygd

CEO, China Experience

China’s Green Mobility Revolution

China has the largest emission of CO2 in the World – they count for 28 percent of the total emission, which is more than the US and Europe combined.  Fortunately, the Chinese government has made an ambitious goal of making the country CO2 neutral by 2060, and many of China’s big cities have already started initiatives for conversion to green mobility.

As a result, almost half of the World’s electric cars were sold in China in the first half of 2021, and they are working on becoming the World’s innovation center and the production base for new and green forms of transportation.  Furthermore Peter Lisbygd will share his view on the future of Lithium Ion batteries and touch upon a new pending supply shortage, driven by the fast development of electric cars.

Mathias Boyer

General Manager, Europe, TuSimple

We are about to witness a major disruption of the logistics industry and only by automatizing cars and trucks will we realize the lowest and most efficient total cost of ownership of transportation.

Using AV technology, we can instantly realize a >10% reduction in carbon emissions on roads in Europe. Regulation and existing perceptions of AV are the biggest hurdles to climb in rolling out the technology. But we expect it to happen within 4-5 years.

Om Mathias Boyer

Mathias is the General Manager for Europe for TuSimple AI (NASDAQ:TSP). TuSimple is leading the drive for fully-autonomous driving solutions for the logistic industry. TuSimple has the first and only commercial ready level (SAE) trucks, capable of self-driving from depot-depot and already have operations doing so every day for its customers. The company is driven by a mission to increase safety, decrease transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions.