Driving IT: Talere på Tools-sporet

Her kan du læse mere om talerne, der holder oplæg på sporet Tools.

Ole Tange har brugt GNU værktøjer siden 1991 og er hovedudvikler på GNU Parallel.

Ole Tange, Gnu Parallel - Spar 1 time eller få en øl 
Bruger du UNIX shell, har du sikkert hørt om GNU Parallel, og du har det sikkert på din TODO, at du skal have sat dig ind i GNU Parallel "når du får tid".
Brug en time på at forstå værktøjet og få simple eksempler med hjem, som du kan bruge direkte, og avancerede eksempler, der viser styrken i værktøjet; sparer du ikke en time inden GNU Parallels 10 års fødselsdag (som fejres 2020-04-17), får du en gratis øl.

Hvad er Driving IT?

Bag Driving IT står en gruppe af IT-professionelle, som for 6. år i træk stabler IDAs store it-konference på benene. Driving IT er for dig, der brænder for it og gerne vil høre spændende røverhistorier, dybt tankevækkende indlæg og have masser af nyttige værktøj med hjem.

Læs mere om Driving IT.

Born in 1977, I am interested in operating system internals, architectures, algorithms, mathematics and cryptography. I currently work as an infrastructure engineer and Python developer, and from 2013 I blog some technical thoughts at www.thedigitalcatonline.com

Leonardo Giordani: Clean Architectures in Python - A tale of durability, utility and beauty
What is a good software architecture? Why should we bother structuring the code and spending time testing it? The clean architecture is a good way to structure an application to make it easy to develop, debug, maintain, and change.

Tyler is a Consultant at Sourced Group, guiding the world's most highly regulated organisations on their journey to the cloud. Tyler's is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Tyler Johnson, Sourced Group: Python and Cloud Computing - A Marriage Made in Heaven?
In this talk I will present how we used Python to drive and deliver a detective controls framework on a major cloud provider for an Australian aviation company. You'll learn about the challenges faced and why Python was a perfect fit.

Martin Juhl is a Linux Consultant and Red Hat Certified Architect with more than a decade of experience with Opensource and Linux.

Martin Juhl, Miracle: AWX-RPM, packaging of a community project
Get to know the AWX project and how it can help you to automate your infrastructure, network and much more. Also hear the story of how the upstream project of Ansible Tower was packaged, advantages and compromises.

Anders Møller is professor in Programming Languages and Software Engineering at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, and manager of Center for Advanced Software Analysis.

Anders Møller, Programmeringssproggruppen AU: Automated Bus Detection for JavaScript
This talk will give an overview of some of our ongoing research projects that aim to improve software quality and programmer productivity by automatically analyzing and testing JavaScript programs. Specifically, we shall look at our state-of-the-art techniques for detecting event race errors in web applications and breaking changes in npm modules.

Daniel Stenberg is the founder and lead developer of curl.

Daniel Stenberg: Curl runs in all your devices
From a few hundered lines of code in the 90s, to running in all Internet- connected devices on the globe. This is the story of how curl conquered the world.

Alejandro is a Customer Engineer at Google Cloud. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years building complex enterprise applications and is passionate about solving business challenges by using state of the art technologies.

Alejandro Montenegro, Google Denmark: How Anthos enables your multi-cloud strategy
Kubernetes has been adopted as the default container orchestrator by all major cloud providers, still each cloud provider is different and adopting a multi-cloud strategy is complex for the enterprises. Learn about Google’s experience on running some of the worlds biggest workloads and how that experience has been used to implement Anthos, Google’s managed Kubernetes Service for any cloud and on-premise environments.