You can safely attend our courses

There will be different initiatives when you attend on our courses. All to make sure that you feel completely comfortable with participating.

You can safely attend our courses

Denmark is in the process of reopening, and the same is IDA Learning. Our courses have been running since the month of May without any problems. In order to create security on the courses and avoid infection, we take a few more precautions than we usually do at our courses. Moreover, we do of course follow the current recommendations from the Danish government and health authorities. Therefore, the information about the precautions on this page may also change as new announcements are made.

There will be different initiatives when you attend on our courses. All to make sure you feel completely comfortable with participating.

Maximum 10 people in the room at the same time
We have chosen to run our courses with no more than 9 participants and 1 instructor in the room. We have done this because it is important that our course participants get as good a learning experience as possible. This means that we can continue to work in groups, and that the students can sit better in the room - because you do not have to sit in cinema setting (where everyone has their nose the same way), but instead you can sit at smaller tables, together in small groups - of course with a minimum distance of 1 meter. In this way, our students can better interact with each other.

Good distance in meeting rooms
The course venues ensure that the tables in the conference rooms are set up correctly in relation to the number and with a suitable distance inbetween.

Opportunity to use hand sanitiser
Hand sanitiser will be available in the conference rooms. Also, be aware of the use of sanitiser and / or gloves at coffee machines and similar common areas.

Course materials are packed properly
We pack the course materials a few days before the course is held. Handouts will be distributed by the instructor so that we avoid any infection.

Catering on the course
The catering is portioned and either served or presented in the conference room.

It varies what is served to you, however we promise you that it will be of the same high standard as usual. Please state if there is anything you do not eat - we will take this into account at all times.

Also remember to keep your distance from each other during the lunch break.

Regular cleaning
The course venues ensure that extra cleaning is done both in the conference rooms and in the common areas.

What you can do
Be aware of how many of you are gathered as you move out of the conference room. We would like to encourage you as course participants to make sure to keep your distance from others. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve and wash your hands often.

If you are ill or have symptoms of illness
Like everywhere else, we ask you not to show up physically if you have symptoms of coronavirus - and of course not for other illnesses.

Questions for the events
You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or concerns about our facilitation of courses. Contact course coordinator Theresa Wandborg Andersen (tel. 3318 4713 or tan@ida.dk) or Katrine Korskjær (tel. 3318 4848 or kak@ida.dk).