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Engineers associations and technical universities are uniting

Morten Scriver Andersen

af Morten Scriver Andersen

Technical universities educating future talents and professional organisations providing services tailored to improve working life of their members, have decided to work together in order to help building resilience at the time of rapid technology change.

The Association of Nordic Engineers, ANE and the network of Nordic Technical Universities and Engineering Faculties, NORDTEK have signed a cooperation agreement. The focus of this cooperation is modernisation of technical education to ensure the availability of high-quality graduates in STEM and access to lifelong learning opportunities for those already in the working life.

“By working together, we can overcome the problems of modern society. Innovation - a value of the Nordic Region - will have a boost too if the access to robust technical competences and the digital skills are secured and highly-skilled professionals allocate time to competence development. Moreover, we should build a solid cooperation with industries to ensure a match between competences need and supply,” said Trond Markussen, President of ANE.

By joining efforts, both organisations aim at tackling skills mismatches and promoting excellence in skills development. The new generation is at core of this cooperation – students’ networks of both organisations bring invaluable perspectives for the modernization of the education system and the adaptation to the needs of new working competences. Their voice can’t be ignored any longer.

“As Bertrand Russel stated, the only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. I am pleased to see that both our organisations share the same goals of promoting the Nordic engineering education and profession in our societies. This cooperation reinforces the ties between the higher education institutions and professional organisations, and with Baltic technical universities joining the network, I can reassure that the Nordic-Baltic region has all chances to become the digital frontrunner in the world”, stresses Riitta Keiski, President of NORDTEK.

The cooperation agreement was signed at the annual NORDTEK Conference, taking place on June 8th in Riga.

NORDETK is a network of Rectors and Deans of the Technical Universities in the five Nordic countries. The members represent 27 universities and more than 120,000 students, teachers and researchers.

ANE represents more than 340,000 engineers in the Nordic Region. Its member organizations are the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer), the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), the Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists (NITO) and the Icelandic Association of Chartered Engineers, VFÍ.

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