PhD Peer Group

Whether you are at the end of your PhD position, or just finished, you have probably wondered: what’s next? In this peer group, you will meet others who are in a similar situation.

It takes preparation and adaptation to go from a PhD position to working in a corporation or organization. After many years of being the leader of your own research project, you have to distance yourself from your expertise and take a closer look at how your knowledge can be converted into competencies that are useful in a career context.  

This is a challenging process, and it requires that you scrutinize your skills and ask questions like how can my technical and theoretical abilities benefit a business or organization? Who can use my knowledge and insight? How can I use my expertise in a way that makes sense for me? What level of expertise do I expect in my future career?

In this peer group, you will get the opportunity to reflect on these questions, and many others, in company with other likeminded current or recent PhD students.


The price for attending five meetings in a peer group is only 495 DKK.

  • Max 15 members 
  • You decide the themes and dates 
  • The meetings are facilitated by voluntary IDA members 

Only for IDA-members:
The peer group is for IDA-members only. If you want to be a member, you have to sign up. 

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Examples of topics you can discuss in the peer group

  • Networking and cooperating with organizations and business
  • Expert knowledge – where is it relevant?
  • How to promote methodological competencies
  • Navigating in the interests of the private sector


Volunteer facilitators will lead the meetings

The peer group is planned and facilitated by voluntary IDA members as the final part of their course in professional facilitation. IDA’s experienced network facilitator will support and supervise the volunteer peer group facilitators throughout the entire process.   

You choose the themes

The peer group takes a point of departure in cases from your working lives and careers.  Our tools are mentoring and discussion, case work and visits from external experts who can contribute with new methods. Your interests serve as the foundation for the peer group, and you can contribute with ideas for subjects, cases or presentations that facilitate a constructive conversation at the group meetings. The group is confidential and a safe space for you to discuss current challenges with like-minded individuals who are not personally invested in your workplace. 

Be aware that

The peer group is for IDA-members only and is only set up if an adequate number of people show interest. The peer group meetings will be located wherever there is the most geographical demand.

Marianne Ehlers

Program Director of IDA Peer Groups


Do you want to learn more about the group or want to join our peer group for Ph.D-students, please contact Marianne Ehlers. Remember to write your name, phone number and job title.