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What is going on in the largest and most advanced digital economy in the world? Jump on board and find out what you can about the future from current trends in China.

For the past 15 years China Experience has been driven by a passion of sharing valuable insights for future business, by inspiring decision makers with relevant learning and understanding.

From our offices in China and Denmark we develop and execute tailor-made programs, ensuring a high density of insights that enables you to navigate and grow a sustainable future business.

  • We organize Executive Learning programs for board members or top management who want to be aligned on specific sector trends or the Chinese tech revolution in general.
  • We develop Business Deep Dives for global industry leaders who send their innovation management team on a one deep dive to discover unknown land of opportunities in the Chinese tech eco-system.
  • We deliver unique and tailormade E-MBA programs for leading business schools within the themes of innovation, digital transformation, global supply chain and leadership.
  • We deliver a turn-key solution to some of Europe’s leading financial institutions when they bring their top private banking clients to China for a packed week of new insights and inspiration.
  • We plan and facilitate programs for Institutional investors who need to catch up on the latest consumer trends and experience Chinese micro-economics first-hand.
  • We tailor program for retailors and the marketing sector, providing insight on new cutting-edge technologies in O2O & e-commerce.
  • We run a China Tech Tour once a year. It is an open program for business leaders from various sectors. It covers the latest trends in digital transformation and the future of business. The program is hosted by our China Director Line Juul and China analyst and thought leader Christina Boutrup. The first Tech Tour was in Sep. 2018 after Christina published her latest book on China – The Great Tech Revolution.
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