Permission-based innovation – or how not to regulate innovation.

Martin von Haller is a Danish a leading IT-lawyer., partner at Bird & Bird, an international law firm.

He works with large international companies as well as with tech startups on issues such as open source, creative commons, open data and open business models in general.

Among his more recent areas of interest are blockchain, smart contracts and techfin. He is a co-founder of CPHFTW, the Danish tech startup community organization, FDIH, the Danish eBusiness Association, and NordicMakers, a prominent network of Scandinavian angel investors. He Is a government appointed member of the Danish Data Council.

If you love innovation set it free. Permission-based regulation from GDPR to copyright is an innovation that prevents small company's from innovating and disruption. If we want to promote privacy and equal sharing of wealth from the content-based economy, we should facilitate radical markets and competition. The real challenge today is data monopolies.


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