Talere på startup 2019 i København

Her kan du læse mere om talerne, der holdt oplæg på sporet Startup.

Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, Radiobotics: Radiobotics, building tomorrow’s augmented healthcare technology
The recent advances in machine learning have accelerated the development of tools for medical imaging analysis, to help physicians in a more accurate diagnosis, Radiobotics will show how they are trying to empower radiologists with new technology.

Stine Mølgaard Sørensen has been working within the tech-space for more than 10 years. Now serving as a COO & Co-founder of Radiobotics, a health tech startup who's automating analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals.

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Andreas Refsgaard: Playful Machine Learning
In his talk, Andreas Refsgaard will describe, how machine learning has become an integrated part of the practice. By enabling people to decide upon, and train their own unique controls for a system, the creative power shifts from the designer of the system to the person interacting with it. The talk will include several of his playful projects, where he actively seeks out unconventional connections between inputs and outputs using simple machine learning techniques. Games are controlled by making silly sounds, music is composed by drawing instruments on paper and algorithms are trained to decide what is funny, funky or boring.

Andreas Refsgaard is an interaction designer and creative coder from Copenhagen.

Tove Nilstun, Ortelius AB: Digital Twin Technology - a Versatile Database Approach
Digital Twin technology is one of the top 10 strategic trends for 2019. Come and learn how the inorigo DTO will revolutionize the way businesses interact.

Tove Nilstun, Head of Platform Development at Ortelius, is passionate about enabling businesses to be responsive to change.

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Olivier Corradi, Tomorrow: The data-driven energy transition
What can we do as software engineers and data scientists to effectively combat climate change? Tomorrow aims to create systems that automatically compute the carbon emissions of our daily actions. This talk will explore how they do it, and how you can help.

Olivier is a French/Danish machine learning engineer and full stack developer who created electricityMap as part of Tomorrow. He previously managed data science and engineering at French AI startup Snips, hiring the first 30 employees. He studied mathematical statistics at the Technical University of Denmark and general engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris.

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