Video: Watch talks from Technomania

If you missed something or the whole thing at this year's Technomania, we have gathered 7 of the most interesting talks. 5 of the talks are in english, 2 in danish.

Brad Templeton: Turning Transportation Upside-Down

In a few years we will see small robots instead of the postman bringing packages out. Behind these robots there will be a new logistic system including drones, trucks, vans, ships and other kinds of transportation. In short: The transport sector is standing at the treshold of a digital revolution.

Watch Brad Templetons talk

Rafael Naß de Andrad & Florian Janke: TUM Hyperloop

Transportation of people and goods through tubes, at high speed is not as farfetched as it sounds. With a speed of 482 km/h TUM Hyperloop is bringing this futuristic ambition closer to realization.

Watch TUM Hyperloops talk

Märtha Rehnberg: Technological Intuition - unlock the promise of new technology

Technology optimist Märtha Rehnberg presents her perspective on new technological trends that make change possible and suggest how how we nurture our technological intuition to create more innovation.

Watch Märtha Rehnbergs talk

Jack Nikogosian

Jack Nikogosian: How smart devices will pay in the future

As smart cities continue to become connected your devices will be able perform services for others while you are not using them. But how will they pay you and each other? ARYZE CEO and Berlingske Talent 100 Jack Nikogosian will share his futuristic vision.

Watch Jack Nikogosians talk

Debate: Should you get a chip pierced into your hand?

Watch this interesting debate between Hannes Sjöblad og Pernille Tranberg. 4.000 swedes have already implemented af small chip in their hand, so they easily can pay for their train ticket and unlock the frontdoor to their home. It is smart and easy to use, but the chip also raises some ethical questions.

Watch the debate between Hannes Sjöblad and Pernille Tranberg

Talks på dansk (in danish)

Thomas Terney: Kampen om fremtiden - forstå hvordan du bruger kunstig intelligens

Hvad er kunstig intelligens hvad kan man bruge det til? Forstå begreberne, lær om byggeklodserne og se mulighederne, når Thomas Terney folder sig ud på scenen. Foredraget bygger på hans anmelderroste bog "Kampen om Fremtiden’ som blev udgivet i 2019.

Se Thomas Terneys oplæg

Mir Niels Jul Jacobsen Crop

Niels Jul Jacobsen: Skal robotten sige goddag, når du møder den?

Niels Jul Jacobsen, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), fortæller om hvordan kunstig intelligens allerede nu er ved at blive integreret i robotter og muliggør endnu flere anvendelsesmuligheder og giver sit syn på udviklingen og hvor teknologien er på hen.

Se Niels Jul Jacobsens talk