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Boost your creative confidence

Creativity is the no. 1. skill of the future. Here is how to boost it by thinking inside the box.


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Boost your creative confidence

Creativity is the no. 1. skill of the future. Here is how to boost it by thinking inside the box.

The rise of artificial intelligence equals a race for creative intelligence – it’s time to start boosting your grey matter.

Creativity goes far beyond painting a beautiful picture, composing an emotional song or writing a witty poem. In fact, it is our ability to create new ideas, find patterns and connections between ideas and solve problems in any discipline of our lives. Simply put, creativity is about getting the everyday stuff done and solving problems in original ways - whether it’s working on a new groundbreaking theory or simply reorganising your desk.

For this webinar, we have teamed up with Dite Cepule and Agne Strimaityte, CEOs of Visuals by Innovation Lab. They will teach us why creativity is so important for both your work life and wellbeing - and debunk the myth that you (or your job function) are not creative! We’ll get an introduction to creative icebreakers and learn how to use them and which effect they will have in both our work- and everyday life.

This webinar is specially offered to IDA members eager to take a sizeable head start into future competencies by developing a creative mindset through exercises that you’ll be able to implement right away – no matter job function or organizational layer.


  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of creativity
  • You’ll be introduced to creative ice-breakers for you to use both in your professional and your private life
  • You’ll learn how being creative improves your everyday life and well being
  • You’ll learn how to be creative within creative constraints

About the speakers: Dite Cepule and Agne Strimaityte

With a mission to add life to their many customer’s ideas and digital solutions, Dite and Agne use a combination of sketching, color-technique, graphic design and animations in order to turn concepts into tangible products. They are CEOs of Visuals by Innovation Lab, where they do solo-projects, but – just as often – collaborate with other departments in Innovation Lab around visualizing complex data, sketching ideas at sprints and hackathons and explaining new services and products in a simple, informative way.

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