The Science of Failure

Are you ready to fail?

The Science of Failure

Are you ready to fail? Most companies are not, and when failure comes, they fail to use it to learn from it and move on quickly. The fact is that failure is an unavoidable consequence of business, and a natural part of the process to deliver better products and services. In this workshop, you will learn that failure is the secret that makes Silicon Valley so successful.

You will hear the stories of big failure at some of the companies you love, and how they used these experiences to get to where they are now. You will learn that the concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is used by most successful tech companies, is rooted on “Failure Cycles” that move your concepts and products forward in the direction your customers want.

About Speaker JC Velten

Silicon Valley inventor, entrepreneur, teacher, marketer, screenwriter, altruist. JC uses his talents to teach companies and people around the globe how to access and stay the "innovation zone" to develop superior product development, ingenious marketing and kick-ass messaging. He’s the co-founder of Innovation Lab San Francisco.

His previous experience includes running global brands at Procter & Gamble, starting and selling a successful tech company in Silicon Valley (Softcoin), starting and failing at three more startups. JC runs Harvard's largest non-profit in San Francisco and teaches rapid prototyping as a guest lecturer at Stanford. He holds an MBA from Harvard, two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and a masters in philosophy.

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