The impact of the COVID-19 on DELIVER

What have been the impact on the DELIVER part of the global supply chains? How have customer service, distribution and transport been affected by this deadly virus and the responses by customers, governments and producers?


Demand patterns, customer service needs, storage and transportation of goods in the global supply chain have changed drastically in the past quarter. Not slowly or by a single powerful incident. But quickly and with continuously worsening changes and conditions as the coronavirus spread across Asia, through Europe and on to the North, Central and South American countries. It has become a pandemic with consequences never seen before.

We will during this webinar look at how COVID-19 has impacted global supply chains, focusing on the 'DELIVER' part of the SCOR model (the other three parts have been: PLAN, BUY and MAKE). And identify the changed conditions that we have been affected with in order to share experiences and good advice on how to best deal with the situation.
Andreas Wieland from CBS will give us a top-down view on the situation based on, among other things, data and analysis of the global automotive industry, and extract impacts and results for DELIVER. We then dive into a specific company, DACHSER, which at Nordic level will share its experiences from both the customer side and from our own business.
Finally, we gather the threads into an approach to how a coronary impacted business can get wisely through the crisis and position itself for the time to come when the world opens up again.
Attend this webinar if you would like to gain a better understanding of how supply chains and the DELIVER area are affected during a time of corona crisis, and join the discussion on what actions such as the customer service, distribution and transport side of the company should take to secure the supply chain.

All presentations will be in English.


  • Welcome and introduction /Kristian Mikkelsen, IDA Operations Management

  • The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Supply Chains focusing on ’Deliver’ / Andreas Wieland, Associated Professor and Head of HD-SCM, CBS

  • This is how the corona situation has impacted DACHSER Nordic and our customers /René Sidor, Managing Director Nordic, DACHSER Nordic

  • From panic to safe handling of your customer service, distribution and transport /Henrik Knak, Partner, Syncronic Management Consulting

  • Questions, debate and closure /Kristian Mikkelsen, IDA Operations Management
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