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Renew product realization

Improve coordination, knowledge sharing and collaboration across development and manufacturing functions in product realization processes.


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Manufacturing enterprises seek strategic advantage in shortening product lifecycle to present innovative products to customers ahead of competitors. In other words, time-to-market for new products is a critical competitive parameter.

Studies show that top innovators focus on developing products, technology and business models. Manufacturers are not showing similar attention to innovation of organization design. Even though manufacturing enterprises need to renew their knowledge and accelerate learning to develop their ability to reduce lead-time for new products and production processes.

In practice, it is a challenge to solve problems in business processes that go beyond development and operational functions. I studied this problem in my PhD with the title: Organizational learning perspective on continuous improvement and innovation in product realization.

I applied an abductive approach, in which I developed a theoretical framework while developing and testing a continuous improvement and innovation (CII) program and analyzing data from the application of the CII-program. In the project, I collaborated with two Danish manufacturing enterprises (large and medium sized), both operating on global markets. The research activities comprised four literature studies and nine case studies. I identified three key characteristics for cross-functional work practices;

  • structures and processes,
  • knowledge management processes,
  • horizontal and vertical collaboration.

These characteristics were applied to identify challenges in cross-functional work processes such as product realization. I then developed a CII-program for continuous improvement and innovation of product realization. Finally, I took an organizational learning perspective on continuous improvements and innovation to provide insight into activities facilitating integration of new organizational practices into daily work.

About the speaker
Christina Villefrance Møller is Lean Partner at HOFOR and recently defended her PhD from DTU Management Engineering. She has more than 20 years’ experience with operation management as manager and consultant in DSB Gods, Post Nord and Confederation of Danish Industries. Her primary interest is organizational development and is curious to learn how organizational members learn from experience and experimentation handling the ambiguity in innovation and lean.)