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Supply Chains Post Covid-19

What will be the permanent effects on our regional and global Supply Chains as a consequence of the many changes that the Corona crisis has had on our lives and behaviors? Which considerations will companies need to make to accommodate the changes?


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What tendencies will accelerate already visible trends and which decisions must COOs and CSCO’s make very soon to stay competitive. We will take a deep look into the crystal ball and try to deduce some guidelines for what the future might look like seen from a Supply Chain perspective.

The need for – and the value of, having not just an effective but also an agile and robust Supply Chain has become very evident as a consequence of the spread of Covid-19 and the effect it has already had on people, companies and society in general. This effect will likely only become more evident in the coming months.

Four months into this crisis, what is status on companies contingency plans, what are their biggest concerns and what should be done to strengthen their readiness throughout the rest of the crisis?

Based on their experience helping governments and global companies, BCG’s experts will give their view on upcoming trends and changes in the future of global supply chains. They will discuss both the extent of these changes, their speed to impact as well as the likely winners and losers in this game.

See this video, if you would like to increase your understanding of what global supply chains will look like in the future, as well as to understand more of what we already know from China about life after Corona.


  • Welcome and introduction by Henrik Knak, IDA Operations Management
  • How deep is this crisis and what consequences might that have for the global economy by Paul Swartz, BCG Senior Economist
  • How do you restart your Supply Chain after having been shut down and what changes will most likely occur in the medium term by Thomas Kingombe, BCG Operations Copenhagen
  • What will future Supply Chains look like once the dust has settled from the Covid crisis and we reach a ‘New Normal’. by Stefan Gstettner, BCG Global Supply Chain expert and external lector at MIT
  • Questions, debate and closure by Henrik Knak, IDA Operations Management
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