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The virtual meeting - optimised!

Learn how to lead and collaborate over distances. With focus on the challenges af achieving efficiency across sites, national cultures, professions, time and language zones, this session will inspire you to run the virtual meeting - optimised!


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This session offers you room and time to be inspired and get specific tools to re-design your virtual meetings. The workshop program points at methods, which - in the context of cross sites collaboration – qualify you in planning, preparing and facilitating virtual meeting aiming to increase engagement and value.

The target group is managers, team leaders, project managers and specialist who seek for new perspectives, tools and skills to influence and impact at other sites (i.e. full or dotted line reports, project members, counterparts).

Working co-located and virtual and how this influences our communication.
Challenges in distributed teams and projects groups
Perspectives on virtual meetings: prepare, conduct and follow up
How to apply a relevant media-mix to enhance engagement and value at both global and local level
Two specific tools for virtual meetings: The Virtual Meeting Design Template and the Virtual Team Agreement – both tools to apply media richness and personal engagement and ownership.
About the speaker:

Lars Pedersen is founder and owner of Pitstop management and has a background as consultant, passionate about virtual collaboration and distance leadership. Lars has worked in HR since 1987 and has an academic background as Master of Philosophy from Copenhagen University and a Master in Management and Organizational Development from the University of Aarhus and Aalborg. In addition, Lars holds a systemic education as a coach and process consultant.

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