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Virtual teambuilding – How best to do it

Classical teambuilding might not be the best way to enhance fruitful collaboration and useful knowledge sharing in your distributed teams. How to build up the magic team factor when working virtually.


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Virtual teambuilding – How best to do it
Leadership of distributed teams is a special challenge that not just calls for smart and well functioning IT meeting facilities. It also calls for a continuous effort to create that magic team factor that enables these people to create better solutions and more value than they could produce if they worked individually.

The team needs to build a culture where they get the best out of each other's competences and use their different perspectives as an asset. Virtual teambuilding needs to be purpose-build and follow special principles to compensate for the lack of face-to-face communication – and it can be very powerful.

At this seminar you will see examples of how to build teaming competences via a virtual workshop using a model of four team cultures. Program:

  • What are the challenges of creating the magic team factor in a virtual team?
  • What is the special potential when the team is working distributed?
  • The guiding principles for team leadership of virtual teams
  • How to use the team culture as a lever for valuable team results
  • Examples of virtual team building from different companies
  • Inspiration to bring back and use in my company

Elisabeth Plum, www.team-culture.dk