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WHAT NOW #2: Year 2020’s significant events for data protection

Can you believe 2020 is almost over? And what a year is has been. Come and hear Allan Frank’s rendition of this year’s most significant events from the world of data protection and other corners of life.


af IDA

This year turned many of our lives upside down and stretched our understanding of what is possible and not possible to the extremes.

We have worked from home like never before. We have manage home schooling, video-meetings, drinks over messaging Apps, going on online dates, having our physical movements and contacts restricted just to mention a few. It has all affected our professional and personal lives and made us more aware of the important role the digital devices and digital connectivity plays.

Allan Frank will give his interpretation of 2020’s most significant events in the world of data protection and information security seen through the lens of the new normal of Covid-19 pandemic, rise in the cybercrime, governmental restrictions, advances in AI, major EU-rulings and cases against Big-tech and many more.

With sharp humour and deep professional insight, Allan will take us on a rollercoaster journey of the year 2020, help us make sense of the world, wave good-bye to this significant year and give us a glimpse of what we can look forward to in the next.

Target audience:
This webinar is for all who are curious about how our new digital reality affects our working environment, our companies and business. You can be a CEO, project manager, compliance professional, engineer, lawyer and graduate. All can find pearls of wisdom in this webinar with Allan Frank from IDA Dataprotection.

About the speaker:
Allan Frank is IT-security specialist & cand.jur, at Datatilsynet.

Allan works at the Danish Data Protection Agency – Datatilsynet, with supervisory activities of public authorities and private companies. For the past 25 years, Allan has worked within the intersection between IT and law and has a broad background in both municipal and state management of digitization processes and IT, including in the City of Copenhagen and the National Police. Allan is Denmark's representative in the technology group at EDPB (the former Art. 29 group), and has many years of experience as a teacher and presenter, both in courses on personal data but also in the more technical aspects of IT security.

About IDA Dataprotection:
IDA Dataprotection is IDA’s new professional network with a focus on practical and short webinars on what you can do to achieve higher data protection and better security around your data, both as an individual and as a company. Our members are engineers, IT security managers, UXs, lawyers, economists, educators and techno-anthropologists, which is why we strive to give you concrete good advice and guidance from the various professional angles but rooted in your everyday reality. So just consider if you would like to be a member of IDA Data Protection and sign up for our newsletters and webinars.

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