Battery Powered Ferries

Several battery powered ferry projects have been introduced in recent years. More ferries completely powered by batteries or hybrid solutions are planned and under construction. Some of these projects will be presented at the meeting.

IDA Conference, København V

Mandag d. 27. februar 2017

Kl. 16:00 - 19:10




Several battery powered ferry projects have been introduced in recent years. Not only in Norway, but also in Denmark are Ferries completely powered by batteries planned and under construction. In addition, hybrid solutions have been and will be implemented in the nearest future. Some of these projects will be presented at the meeting by relevant experts involved in the completions.


16:00 - 16.10 Welcome and introduction
16:10 - 16.40  Electrical ferries – when technology becomes profitable
and environmentally friendly

by Ketil Aagesen, Siemens Drilling & Marine

Ketil Aagesen will present how Siemens makes full electrification of ferries possible and touch upon aspects to be considered during the planning phase. Experiences from already made and ongoing projects will be incorporated in the presentation

16:40 – 17:10  Battery safety and Class requirement
by CTO Chris Kruger, PBES

This presentation gives an overview on Li-ion battery safety considerations, thermal runaway demystified and the class approval process

17:10 – 17:40 Battery powered H-H ferries
by a representative from Scandlines HH and a representative from OSK-Shiptech 

Two of the Elsinore -  Helsingborg ferries are being converted to be 100% battery powered. The project will be represented by the owner and one of the designers.

17.40 - 18.10 Refershments

18:10 – 18:40 Presentation of 3 hybrid solutions delivered by Hvide Sande

by Director Carl Erik Kristensen, Hvide Sande Shipyard

The following will be represented:
• Retrofit of battery bank on the Venoe ferry
• New build ferry delivered for Strynø with a battery bank
• New build multipurpose vessel delivered for Kystverket in Norway with 3,8 MW hybrid – diesel electric propulsion with 1 MW/h battery bank.

18.40 – 19.10 The E-Ferry is a new state-of-the-art ferry fully battery power
by Project Coordinator Trine Heinemann, Ærø Kommune

The progress of the project will be reported. The E-ferry project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 initiative with the goal of designing and building a fully electric ferry that can cover distances of up to 22 nautical miles between charges. 9 different European partners from 5 different countries are involved in developing a design that is both energy-saving, lightweight and energy-efficient. The E-ferry will be put into operation at the end of 2017 on the island of Ærø, Denmark


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IDA Conference

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Mandag d. 27. februar 2017

Kl. 16:00 - 19:10


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