Corporate Innovation: Improve the odds of success of your innovation efforts

Torben will go through his journey as Head of Innovation for Sony. How do you engage all your employees in Innovation? How do you setup a corporate incubator and succeed? How do you combine the strengths in Startup methods and Corporate muscle?

IDA Conference, København V

Tirsdag d. 22. januar 2019

Kl. 16:00 - 18:00

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How does your internal IT department and software tools help or hinder? How do you make space for innovation on top of the day to day operational pressures?

This talk is for anybody that wants to learn more about Corporate Innovation and Corporate Incubation from somebody that have experienced the ups and downs of Innovation initiatives. You don’t need prior knowledge of Innovation to attend the talk. Lots of innovation programs and initiatives get launched. Some succeed, but a lot fails or cannot be sustained. Why is that and how do you improve odds of success?

Torben has a background in SW management, Quality and Innovation from Motorola and from Sony. After the talk you will know more about:

  • What is Innovation and what types are there?
  • Why does a lot of innovation initiatives fail?
  • How do you increase the odds of success in Corporate Innovation?
  • How do you setup a Corporate Incubation program and why should you?
  • How can your internal IT department and software tools help or hinder?
  • How do you combine Startup and Corporate in a good way?

Torben is looking forward to a highly interactive talk with the audience including online quizzes to engage you.

Speaker: Torben Hede, Former head of innovation for Sony.

Organizer: Diego Børresen Lladó, IDA IT

There will be Coffee/tea & fruit in the break.

Free for members of IDA IT and DANSK IT


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IDA Conference

Kalvebod Brygge 31

1780 København V


Tirsdag d. 22. januar 2019

Kl. 16:00 - 18:00


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