Novo Nordisk: Cirkulær produktion og verdensmål i Biotech City med Bæredygtighedskaravanen

Join us in Biotech City of Kalundborg for a presentation of how Novo Nordisk is working to support UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will also get an introduction to a pioneer of circular production: Kalundborg Symbiosis.

Novo Nordisk, Kalundborg

Tirsdag d. 14. maj 2019

Kl. 15:00 - 17:15


UN Sustainable Development Goals and a pioneer of circular production.

Novo Nordisk and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Novo Nordisk is working dedicatedly with the Sustainable Development Goals focusing on where we have positive and negative impacts, and how these interrelate, while investigating potential business opportunities.

Where do transformative changes exist and how does it link to Novo Nordisk TBL commitment? Anne Gadegaard, Associate Director, Novo Nordisk, will present Novo Nordisk’s approach to the SDGs, how they link to the TBL and how they might transform the way businesses understand their role in society.

Kalundborg Symbiosis – a pioneer of circular production

The companies involved in the symbiosis have a long tradition for circular approaches to production, turning residuals into resources. Almost 30 projects are already established and it is a unique example of public-private partnership, creating value for the local community. Kalundborg Symbiosis gives a substantial socioeconomic benefit, a better bottom-line and increased competitive edge to the member companies.

A new strategy has been developed, and the ambition is to develop and implement 10 new projects before 2025. By now a significant green transition within the field of energy supply has taken place by converting the power plant from using coal to biomass, by installing a giant heat pump upgrading surplus heat from waste water to district heating and by building a brand new biogas plant transforming sludge from the fermentation industries to green energy. Kalundborg Symbiosis also wants to strengthen the partnership by inviting new partners to join the association and contribute to the ecosystem and to inspire others to start thinking in circular loops in regard of manufacturing processes.

Award winner
In 2018, Kalundborg Symbiosis received the prestigious WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award – a prize that has previously been won by such figures as Kofi Annan, Al Gore and Gro Harlem Brundtland. The jury’s citation read, in part, “As a pioneer within the field, the Kalundborg Symbiosis has shown the way for many other industrial clusters, inspiring businesses all around the world.”

What are the drivers behind the long term success of the symbiosis? Lisbeth Randers, head of secretary at Kalundborg Symbiosis will present the ecosystem, the benefit in numbers, the prerequisites and next steps of Kalundborg Symbiosis.

Following the presentations, you will have a chance to discuss how to apply learnings from the two cases in your own work or study.


15.00-15.45: How Novo Nordisk is working to support UN Sustainability Development Goals – Anne Gadegaard
15.45-16.00: Break/networking including coffee and cake
16.00-16.45: Kalundborg Symbiose – a pioneer of circular production – Lisbeth Randers
16.45-17.15: Dialogue session – how to apply learnings from today in your own work/study?

Please note, that you will have to register at the main gate upon arrival.


Novo Nordisk

Hallas Allé 1

4400 Kalundborg

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Tirsdag d. 14. maj 2019

Kl. 15:00 - 17:15


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